Light Up The Sky

Light Up The Sky


Light up the sky is a post –hardcore metal band that strives to be the best in their musical field on and off stage. Our main goal is to be a fan friendly band and connect with them as much as we can daily.


Light Up the Sky is a five-piece metal band ready to show people what we can offer to the Music Scene. Formed in 2010 by a group of crazy high schoolers who wanted their peers to share their same passion for music. All members listening to a large variety of music, it was a coincidence that they became a Metal band.

Starting out with Drummer, Raymond Adelson, Bassist, Isaac Adelson, and Guitarist, David Nguyen, they were not quite complete to begin performing for the Spokane Scene.

It wasn't long before they found Ex-Vocalist of "In Deeper Oceans", Zack Jasper as well as Ex-Guitarist of, "Yukon the Archer", Nate Braks.

They were now ready to start writing and performing for crowds. They always strive to put on a good show and have a good time on stage.

Light Up the Sky is ready to blow people's minds with their music and performance. What sets them apart is live, they connect with the fans and try to be a fan friendly band as much as they can!



Written By: light up the sky

Please tell me why we are so back and forth?

Why haven't we found the answers yet?

(Why haven't we found them?)

You're so blinded by your own truth,

You can't see in from the outside.

But you've got yourself to blame,

And I can't help you anymore.

You couldn't be further from the truth.

Just look at what you've become!

Our mistakes make us human.

How long have you been feeling this?

That doesn't mean we can't be saved.

These feelings mean nothing if,

Your heart doesn't feel the same.

Why are you so cold?

It's probably from the lies you told.

Just know i'll never forget you.

I'll never forget you.

I don't need your answers!

I found them myself.

I found them myself.

I don't need your answers.

And our mistakes are what make us human.

And I don't want you to fall after me.

Don't make the same mistakes I have made,

I'm calling your name out.

Can you hear my voice?

You're A Monster

Written By: light up the sky

I can see you,

but I can't get to you.

I know I need you,

that's why I have to let you go.


You built these walls to keep me out.

All I wanted to do was love you,

but you had no way of knowing because you shut me out.

Break through these barriers and come to me.

I am calling your name

I'll keep on screaming 'till you listen to me.

(But you're not listening)

You're so set in your ways,

That I can't get in.

First you pull me in,

then you let me go.

Why can't you see that I would do anything for you?

Don't run away!

You shot holes in my intentions and my intentions were good...


Just hear me out...

and i'll tell you the truth.


You're a monster!

You take all you can get.

Your ghost haunts me in the night for what could have been.

You're making this,

impossible for anyone around to see the real you.

I'll keep on trying to get to you.

I'll keep screaming to get to you.

I will scream just to get you to listen to me.

And i'll scream,

Just to get you to listen to me.

And i'll say it again this is not the end of everything.

Why can't I find out what you need?

I just want you in my arms...


We have released a 5 song EP that came out February 03, 2012 on Amazon, ITunes, and Spotify.

Set List

You're A Monster
The Devastated