Signature three-part harmonies, guttural guitars, a melodic tone and life inspired lyrics. Ligion strives to bring forth a reverie of new ideas and sound into the world of music.


Rarely does a rock band successfully cut through musical genres with such an invigorating, raw power. But Ligion's Maple Jam/Bellum Records debut, External Affairs, does exactly that as it breathes new life into rock & roll and runs the gamut from infectious, rock radio gems to pensive, Zippo lighter-ready epics. Working together with iconic rock producer Greg Ladanyi, this Nashville-based five piece fills a void as it resets expectations of what a modern rock album can be.

"Ligion's External Affairs is a tight, satisfying rock album with some incredible musicianship." - Bill Clark,

Imagine packing up the few belongings you have, moving to a new city with hardly anything more but your dreams and motivation, and starting from scratch all in the pursuit of rock & roll conquest. That's exactly what the members of Ligion did. Originally from Cleveland, the band relocated to Nashville and was living on the floor of an office above a bar when they got word that their first self-released single, "Reality", was added to the playlist of Nashville rock radio station WBUZ "The Buzz". This was only the second time in the station's long history that an unsigned band had been added to the station's rotation. As the requests for Ligion continued to flood the studio's phonelines, local audiences were raving about the electric, energetic performances the band played at various venues. It wasn't long before the group's popularity landed them on the same stages as Velvet Revolver, Coldplay, Puddle Of Mudd, Story of the Year, Trapt, Three Days Grace, Smile Empty Soul, Mudvayne, Sevendust, Finger Eleven, Revis, Kill Hannah, Seven Mary Three, Collective Soul and many more.

Audiences were dazzled by Ligion’s live gigs, which are full on contagious animation. There is an intensity to Ligion, especially front man (and band's namesake) Ligion himself. Contorting and literally throwing himself into every word to each song as if it’s his last takes its toll. “Most nights we have to rush Ligion off the stage to catch him just before he pukes,” explains guitarist, June. “He just doesn’t have any limits when he is up on stage. We work hard for our money every night,” June chuckles. “People usually have no idea who we are, and the first half of our set we get a mixed reaction. Like, ‘What am I watching?’ By the third song, they’re screaming and yelling and punching their fists in the air. That’s how we measure success.”

The band gives their all to the crowds and by doing so, they have racked up hordes of devoted fans, affectionately known as Ligionaires, throughout the country. Although long drives with five guys and equipment crammed into a van playing one town after the next might sound like a recipe for chaos, the group wouldn't have it any other way.

“It can be a little hairy,” June laughs. “Recently, our van died and we had to cram three of the guys into the back box of a U-Haul truck to travel from Nashville to California. The mischief you can get into after being cooped up like that is no joke. But it was Cali; we made the most of it!” Lig interjects, “The five of us are pretty much best friends, and with everything we do, we just have a good time. We live for playing live. That 60 minutes onstage – that’s always been our thing.”

"This five-piece rock band has permeated Nashville's country music stronghold and have the potential to turn the current buzz in to a deafening throng of rock and roll followers." - Kathy Scovill, Blogcritics Magazine

Not content to be the regular, flavor-of-the-week rock artists, there is an artful poise to Ligion. Counting three part harmonies – a rare commodity in modern music – Ligion’s strength is its collaborative songwriting approach, guttural guitars, a melodic tone, and life inspired lyrics. Now with their national release, Ligion has been touring the country in good company, sharing stages with Saliva, Crossfade, and Soil, seeking to recruit a few good new rock and roll fans.

“We'll pull into a town like San Antonio, where we’ve never played before and wind up getting an encore,” June enthuses. To which Lig counters in full rock mode, “That’s because we have really sweet asses.”

While that final point is subject to debate, few fortunate enough to find their ears around External Affairs will argue with the lure of its musical nectar. With memorable, hard charging, guitar-steeped songs and pulsing, contagious, exhilarating live shows, it is no wonder how Ligion leaves listeners awestruck and screaming for more.


Released March 20, 2007
Maple Jam Records

1. On The Way
2. Lost My Car
3. Get Over Me
4. Reach
5. Pins and Needles
6. Weak (The Internal War)
7. Come On
8. For You
9. The Other Side
10. Hey, Hey (I Don't Care)
11. Carry Me

Released 2004

1. Arrows
2. Frontline
3. Swan
4. Reality
5. Undone
6. Get Close
7. Way of Life
8. Full Circle
9. Insomniac's Dream

Get Over Me (from External Affairs album) - Current single
Reality (from Looking For Two album) - 2004

Set List

On The Way
Lost My Car
Get Over Me
Pins and Needles
Weak (The Internal War)
The Other Side
Carry Me
Full Circle
Come On

Will sometimes add Reality, Arrows, Insomniac's Dream, and Frontline. Flawlessly covers part of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in the bridge of Reality.