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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF
Band Jazz Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Treasures Benefit feat. Pigeon John"

Having toured with Peeping Tom and worked with local institutions like the LA Symphony and Brainwash Projects, feel-good Angeleno rapper Pigeon John lends his MC skills to another super-charged project tonight. Treasures — an organization run by his wife, Harmony — helps women regroup and reorganize after exiting the sex industry. More than just a hip-hop show and benefit, tonight's party also celebrates the release of The Diamond Collection, a CD produced by Pigeon John that includes a new track from the master MC alongside material from PeterDaily, Lij, Joyo Verlarde, and Dawkins & Dawkins.
– Todd Goldstein - flavorpill Los Angeles

"From the lips of fans . . ."

“With an instrument like your voice, and the sincere, positive attitude you emanate, you deserve all the best this industry has to offer you! You remind me of Sade, in your ability to traverse musical genres. Very best wishes and you have my respect and appreciation of your talent . . . I want to stay in touch with you and be a witness to the career you choose to create. Best wishes, however you decide to do this. You are a rare young woman and artist, with a heart of gold - you go girl!!” ~Paula (Unknown, 40s, Los Angeles)

“Really, every time that I hear your voice, you send shivers down my spine!!! Believe me, wonderful voice!!! When (I) come (to) California, I'd like to hear you live! Take care by Italy!!!! ~Forrest (Unknown, 18, Italy)

“You know you have a wonderful talent . . .You inspire and make life better (for) others, if only for a moment, Everyday...The poetry of your words is very capturing. I hope you know what a beautiful soul you possess.”
~Bella (student, 17, unknown)

“Your voice leads me to the real world with confidence, you are a wonderful singer & musician. I love your lyrics.”
~Mirzahmat (Unknown, 30s, China)

“It's past my bedtime, but I have been up dancing for the last hour non-stop in my living room. Guess why...BECAUSE YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Because of you and your music, I've found something I thought I lost.” ~Jennifer (Personal Assistant, 20s, Los Angeles)

“I’m sorry Lij but your so sweet voice is the most beautiful sound coming to me from America. I respect you very very much. Thank you.” ~Luis (Unknown, 50s, Portugal)

“As you are thankful for us, are we for you! Your music speaks directly to me, and I love that connection.
Like a Thirsty desert, I will receive. Thank you for being such a blessing!” ~Nikki (mother, 30s, California)

“When it comes to musical taste, I'm hard to please. Yet, with you and your piano and your voice and your lyrics...I cannot find fault. You sing in my direction, but I think you sing to me. I cannot wait to hear more from you.” ~Devin (Radio Engineer, 20s, West Virginia)

“I still can’t tell you how much this song has changed my life. How many nights this song has been the only thing resonating in my spirit to bring peace. This song truly holds a fire only God can ignite and it still blesses me. This summer I was so desperate to hear and sing it that I transposed it and began to play it on the piano!”
~Imani (Dancer, 22, Bay Area)

“Beautiful song, Sis. Extraordinary songs usually are birthed at an extraordinary cost. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for such songs.” ~Benjamin (Songwriter, 30s, Oakland)

“I find myself humming or singing this song throughout the day. Beautiful, haunting, straight to the core of the matter, and honest. I LOVE IT!!!” ~Ashleigh (Receptionist, 20s, Los Angeles)

“Grinding my teeth at my dismay that I live in Lake Havasu City, AZ and am once again, unable to come to a show…HOPEFULLY SOMEDAY I'LL BE ABLE TO SEE YOU SING SOON!!!”
~Brandon (student, 14, Arizona)

“Such a lovely, lovely job . . . So much emotion. Wonderful, elegant, and rare.”
~Aprille (Singer/Songwriter, 20s, New York)

“I just listened to "Innocence", and I am completely blown away. You have a heavenly voice, and the song itself brought me to tears. Thank you for posting it. It is going on my iPod.” ~Matt (Graphic Designer, 20s, Tennessee)
- Myspace


Lindsay's project with Bomani Holcomb and Dave Merkli, Intentional Man, featureshree singles, "Hold Out," "Midnight Hour," and "Hangman" are now available for download on

Lindsay's solo project EP, "Lij," featuring Show Me, Innocence, and Have Your Way, is now available for download on iTunes (and pretty much everywhere else).

Additionally, Lindsay ("Lij") has two songs, Innocence and No Place (a collaboration with Pigeon John), on the "Treasures Presents: The Diamond Collection" album, a benefit for the non-profit. Lindsay ("Lij") also co-wrote and performed the song "Believe" for artist Ryan Farish.



Soulful singer/songwriter, Lindsay "Lij" Lecklider pairs fresh and honest songs with haunting melodies that allure the ears and grip the hearts of those who are graced by them. The name means ‘child’, and while Lij is all woman, there is a vulnerability to these songs, to Lindsay's voice, that is clearly drawn from a place of uninhibited innocence.

Lindsay's EP with musicians Bomani and Dave, as LIJ, Intentional Man, including "Hold Out," "Midnight Hour" and "Hangman", has just been released "fair trade" on

Lindsay's solo project "Lij" is also now available for download on iTunes (and pretty much everywhere else). Take it. Rip it. Burn it. Share it.

And while you're at it, say it:

(like hijack with an "L" and without the "ack" . . .)