Like Animals Again

Like Animals Again


Like Animals Again is a six piece group based in Vancouver. If the intricacies of JS Bach's Baroque counterpoint were to have a child with the schizophrenic psych pop of Beck's Midnight Vultures, LAA would have it's origin story.


Like Animals Again breaks down social constructs as it does musical genre boundaries. In an almost seamless manner the band will mutate a baroque form until it thrashes unintelligibly like a feral rodent escaping the jaws of a predator. Like a child raised a fundamentalist christian in the doldrums of the suburbs; L.A.A. obsesses with deprogramming dated perspectives and rebuilds them with bizarre and colourful tapestries of organized sound, both consonant and dissonant. Thrashing Latin punk beats, swirling effects ridden synth melodies, Morricone-esque guitars (and trumpets) and baroque 3 part male/female vocal harmonies outline the distinct profile of the band.
L.A.A. has played everywhere from the graveyard to Sled Island Festival, from the forest of the endowment lands of UBC, to the 'ol stomping grounds of the Railway. After a playfully arduous 2 year effort, L.A.A. introduces their second release "Comfortable Dungeon."


"The Rub" Ep

"Comfortable Dungeon" LP

Set List

Resilient and Green
Dragon Slayer
Amphibious Genes
Our God's Repent
Mind Spun Loss
Like Animals Again
Creature of Habit
Here's the Rub
That Science

11 songs
Typical set around 30 mins