like candy red

like candy red

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Sassy,exciting, funk/ R&B with a modern twist. Like Candy Red is a band. Three sassy sisters in front with drums, bass, and guitar. Think "Earth Wind and Fire" meets "Envogue" with a little bit of "Supremes" choreography thrown into the live show. we are convinced there is nothing out there like it.


The Leading ladies of Like Candy Red, Bree, Lyndee, and Hailey, spent much of their childhood listening to their dad’s old record collection, putting on shows in the kitchen, and watching the Grammys.  Imagining someday, they too might be on that stage.  Today the sisters are pursuing that dream.  

Searching to revive the soul of those old records with the dance and pop sounds of today, the girls teamed up to write with Motown City musicians Tom, Todd, and Brett; a rhythm section relocated from Detroit.  Because the guys also share a love for both the in-your-face funk sound of yesterday as well as the modern-sounding production of today’s hits, they formed a strong bond while writing.  Like Candy Red was born.  The songs are hooky and tough.  The sound has been aptly described as Modern Retro-Pop/Soul.  

The music of Like Candy Red is universal.  With comparisons to acts such as Pink, En Vogue, The Supremes, Destiny's Child and Sly and the Family Stone, the live show will not disappoint.  There's an energy, a sense of urgency and excitement that fills the room when the band steps on stage.  It is a show for the senses...a true production from start to finish.  Visually, your eyes are glued to the girls as the songs are staged with mesmerizing choreography.   Sonically, you are enveloped with pop hooks, tight harmonies, and grooves that keep coming at you.  You feel the power and the struggles these ladies hold in their lyrics.  By the end of the show, you will realize you have been moving the whole time.

Maybe summed up best by their own words:  “You Better Be Good To Me" and "I only wanna love you", strong and sexy combine.  They are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, demand your attention, and leave you wanting more... 

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