Like How?

Like How?


We like to call ourselves Funky Folk. We play a wide array of original music inspired by a large amount of influences. We also like to play cover songs with our own little Funky Folk twist. We are going to make you wanna shake your butt.


We are a completely independent band. All our music is produced in Mark's garage. Some of us learned instruments just for Like How. Like How started as just an acoustic duet with Scott and Mark. After a gig, Scott and Mark had a jam session at their house where John (a bass major)sat in front of a piano for the first time and rocked the house. Micah joined nearly a year later under the same circumstances. Since then, we have gained a loyal following at coffee shops, fund raisers, and musician showcases around central KY. People seem to like our incorporation of a very diverse group of influences such as The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan.

Set List

Our typical setlist features 15 or so of our originals accompanied by 5-7 cover songs. Our cover songs include songs from bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, America, Motley Crue, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Oasis, and many more.