Like The Desert

Like The Desert


Awkward indie rock kids want to dance on occasion, too.


Like The Desert is a band born from a need to distract a husband from World of Warcraft.

Sahara and Rob are a wife and husband songwriting team from Chicago. Like The Desert started in September 2009 as a way to spend time with each other while they were broke, and to lure Rob away from an online gaming addiction. Needing a low-budget project, they looked around their apartment and found all their left-over music gear from their previous lives.

The two had been in many bands though never with each other. Sahara became a professional opera and operetta singer around 2002, abandoning writing her own lyrics and music when it didn't pay the bills. Since then she has been extremely successful performing Gilbert & Sullivan operettas to Faust with various companies in the US. She's probably the only opera singer that constantly listens to the Pixies.

Rob, a former drummer for a touring indie metal band for 5 years, had given up on his dream to play music, rejecting it as impractical around 2001. He then made a successful career around designing Web sites for Warner Brothers Records and various artists such as Lil' Wayne and The Black Keys. But slowly he realized he'd rather be making music than servicing those who were.

Like The Desert's upcoming EP, "Our Hope, Abandoned" is about reclaiming their love for writing music, and their realization that they should have been doing it together all along.


Ballad of Blood Eye and Sparkles

Written By: Like the Desert

Where's the sparkle queen?
Who knows where she's been?
Keep it nice and clean,
Let me in!
Pound the waiting walls
My ladies hear the call
...Where's my make-up?
What the fuck?

New Years break open like a fever across the floor.
The bumpin' Chucks and bouncin' pumps,
For fading hours.
We beg for more

They've come to make their mark,
Start the year off right.
Everybody's gonna hit that beat tonight.

Have you seen this guy?
What's with his bloody eye?
Hear him scream and shout?
Let me out!

Pound the waiting sky,
He beats his fists of white.
Go ask Brad what's up.
What the fuck?

New Years break open like a fever across the floor.
The bumpin' Chucks and bouncin' pumps,
For fading hours.
We beg for more

Corrida de Toros

Written By: Like the Desert

Trumpet calls you to the ring
overhead vulture sings
Rip the earth and gore the sky
When you pierce hi suit of lights

Corrida de toros

Pass once
Pass twice
The luck of the cape has run out, matador

Blind to the red of silk
Blood runs cold
Kill or be killed
See his eyes, they're filled with glee
Your flags won't make these shoulders bleed

Pass once
Pass twice
The luck of the cape has run out, matador

Happiness Machine

Written By: Like The Desert

Leo toils, Leo builds
He spoils he wills his family apart
She cries and she shouts
"What's all this about - why go breaking our hearts?"

Leo tell me how's your life?
Your kids? Your wife?
Has it all been in vain?
He smiles,
"I've been blind, been with me all the time. The answer was plain."

Built your vices
Forget what life is
Best laid plans can slip through your hands
Things lost can be found
When dreams burn to the ground
Best laid plans can slip through your hands


Written By: Like The Desert

When it all comes down
I'll still be around
Hand-in-hand we'll stand
In the door of the poorhouse

Wish on a star
Slam that PBR
All the frills are out
When you're living in the poorhouse

Why bother crying?
Just gotta laugh
No harm in trying
Zero plus zero, you do the math

Welcome baby to the poorhouse
What holds up these walls?
When the water gets in
We'll bail it out
Still be holding you up
When it falls

Smiles don't pay the bills
Tears don't pay the rent
What to do for thrills
When the money's been a long time spent

You're stuck with me
Not worth a dime
We'll have a hell of a time
While we're living in the poorhouse

You're working so hard
To take us to easy street
Maybe it's not in the cards
But this thing we got
It sure is sweet


Written By: Like The Desert

You were the little girl with the edgy voice, a streak of red
Beat all the boys,
They had to run,
Had no choice or you would get them all in the end.
My hero on the stair, a punch on the bus.
You mess with one you get both of us
How can such grace be so tough?
Your slender shoulders with a weight to bear.
Back and forth and round and round we go
Quick to a fight, that's just how it goes.
But when I'm bruised you're the one I call
I know you'll be there when the tears start to fall.

Why'd you have to go?
Leave me all alone, walking down this old and dirty country road.
You went and left us all behind.
Trapped inside this county line.
Now I'm stumbling on my own down this country road.

I passed a note under the door with no response.
You're not there anymore.
I've talked to your photo more than once
Your endless eyes and your burning hair.

Easy to look back, harder to say goodbye
No fault, no blame, it was just time.
Look at us now.
Like once before, miles between us.
Like back then you're mine, I'm yours.


Our Hope, Abandoned EP