Like Trains & Taxis

Like Trains & Taxis

 New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

With their penetrating grooves, haunting melodies, and thoughtful, if not introspective lyrics, Like Trains & Taxis take the word Soul well beyond its traditional and contemporary musical definitions, and bring it to a space that is both familiar, and uniquely their own.


"Like Trains & Taxis features the compositional wizardry of Chris Harris, a guy who combines the traditional talents of Billy Preston, Booker T, Sly Stone and Ray Manzarek all rolled into one." Says John Pfeiffer of The Aquarian Arts weekly

Since November 2007, Like Trains & Taxis has evolved into one of the most promising bands on the east coast. Sometimes referred to as “Indie-Soul,” Like Trains & Taxis combines a modern indie sensibility with traditional notions of song writing, aiming to create songs that hold up on their own without relying on gimmicks and superficial fluff. This idea of shifting the focus back to the song is central to the Like Trains & Taxis philosophy. Imbued with the D.I.Y ethos of their home town, New Brunswick, NJ, the band has played nearly 250 shows in 31 different states, developing a reputation not only for their fiercely original and intelligent music, but for their dynamic, if not hypnotic, live show. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Like Trains & Taxis was nominated for 5 Asbury Music Awards in 2009 to go along with their 3 nominations from 2008 including: Best Pop Band, Best Male Vocalist, and Best Keyboard player, as well as being labeled Badass new band of 2008 by the Asbury Park Press.

The trio is composed of lead singer Chris Harris, whose pursuit of the song as art object informs Like Trains & Taxis' underlying sincerity; a characteristic that has become the backbone of their style, even in its most esoteric moments. The songs are then taken to the next level by Owen Susman and Mike Del Priore, whose musicianship adds texture and brings the music to life, inspiring the entire band, as a collective, to color the final arrangements. The end result is a sound that at times recalls classic soul singers like Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, as well as the off beat nuanced approach of artists like Ben Folds and Fiona Apple, with hints of modern titans such as Radiohead, and the "post genre" ideology of the 21st century.

Like Trains & Taxis released their debut full length album, "Tales from a Revolving Door," on April 6, 2010.


"Like Trains & Taxis EP" (2008)
"Charlie EP" (2009)
"Tales from a Revolving Door" (2010)

Set List

Preferred set is 30-45 minutes
Can play for in excess of 2 hours