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Like Violet EP Released on UnBuckled Records - March 2013

Waiting For The Call
Fire, Fire
Under The Gun



Like Violet
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About The Band:
Like Violet is based around sisters Caitlin and Carly Kalafus formerly of the teen pop band Kicking Daisies. In KD the girls toured the country playing Bamboozle, Warped, Six Flags, HardRock Café, The Hollywood Troubadour and more. They also appeared on National TV shows and in nationally aired TV commercials. Their song “Breathing” (written by Caitlin) made it to #34 on the Billboard charts and their CD “Kicking Daisies”, which featured songs composed mainly by Caitlin and Carly sold at Walmarts across the country.
Now with Like Violet, the girls are breaking out in a new and much more mature way. “Touring with bands like The Ready Set, The Downtown Fiction and The Summer Set made Carly and I realize that it was time to grow up and play the music in our hearts”, said Caitlin. Carly added, “It’s not that we didn’t love being in KD but there comes a time when the music changes and you mature both personally and musically.”
So with the end of their time in KD, Caitlin and Carly decided to pursue a new sound and image. Some have called it “Fire and Ice” comparing Carly’s fiery vocals, spot on playing and sassy attitude ( plus at the time her red hair ) and Caitlin’s cool demeanor and impressive musicianship. Originally, the band started as a quartet with Carly just fronting the band vocally but as time went on it became clear that the undeniable sibling connection was missing. So Carly returned to bass and with guitarist Shaepes (pronounced “Shapes”) in tow you have something new and exciting in Like Violet.
In only their first five months as a band the group has played some impressive shows supporting acts such as; Sublime, Cypress Hill, Mutemath (winning over the fickle Mutemath fans in an impressive manner), The After Party, Hollywood Ending and many more. In addition, they've headlined or co-billed nearly 50 shows up and down the Northeast corridor from Philly to Boston with many impressive shows in NYC. Currently Like Violet is in the studio recording new music and will be releasing a limited edition vinyl EP on Unbuckled Records in early 2013. They are also working with the creative team at the legendary Sigma Studios in Philadelphia. Along with the recording, the band is also looking forward to a Spring Tour and is looking to schedule a national tour in the Summer of 2013.
The Members:
Carly – Multi talented Carly has been playing music since she was 9. A “late bloomer” in her family, Carly started exploring traditional instruments such as piano, clarinet and flute but then found her real calling when Kicking Daisies needed a bass player. Without as much as a lesson, Carly started on bass the day the band was formed. While in KD she emerged as the most visible member of the band not only musically but vocally and with her unique fashion sense. On a TV show in Puerto Rico she was referred to as “La fashionista”, a nickname that has stuck. In Like Violet, Carly continues to develop her solid playing and full sound. "Now that we're a trio it's more important then ever to hold down the bottom end and not get too busy" Carly continues, "Caitlin and I work hard to be as tight as can be and to play as one. We have the same feel, groove and intuitive sense". After playing together almost every day for four years straight, the bass and drums in Like Violet are an impressive unit of one. Carly holds a hard to achieve instrument endorsement deal with the Fender instrument company. She plays a custom made Fender Jazz and refuses to play anything else.... except an occasional Precision P bass. Along with her musical endorsement, Carly holds deals with various clothing lines and is developing her own fashion line. On a side note, few know that Carly is also a State Champion Gymnast in her home state of Connecticut and maintains and impressive 4.0 GPA when in school.
"Life is all about balance" said Carly, "it's important to me to do well in everything because that's what makes me happy"

Caitlin – At 8 years old Caitlin began playing drums and immediately showed a prodigious talent and uncanny ability. By the time she was 12, Caitlin was playing clubs and theaters in the North East with her band C.O.D. (Caitlin On Drums). People would fall over at the sight of this young girl playing Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Stones, Rush and more. Night after night she would bring down the house with an unexpected mid-set drum solo. At 14, Caitlin attended the NAMM show in Southern California where she set the record as the “World’s Fastest Drummer” (Female) by playing a blistering 799 beats in 60 seconds with her feet, a record she holds to this day. Since then Caitlin has secured endorsement deals with Vater Percussion, Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware, Zildjian Cymbals, Fulmine Drum shoes and more. She is definitely a recognizable figure in the drumming community and absolutely takes the stage by storm