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The best kept secret in music


"LIKEWATER Weightless"

(independent) Rating: NNN
Likewater play the NOW Lounge Saturday (September 17).
It's nice when an album's title describes the sound of the band more accurately than any adjective I can come up with. So, yeah, the tunes on Weightless, by local duo Jennifer Claveau and Eric Newby, are all lovely ballads sung by Claveau in that Sarah McLachlan-Sinead O'Connor style, and Newby's classy, subtle guitar work complements the melody lines perfectly. A bum note here or a cracked vocal there would probably have made them sound a little more human, but as it stands, Likewater know a good hook and a thing or two about unrequited love.

Brent Raynor
- NOW | SEPTEMBER 15 - 21, 2005 | VOL. 25 NO. 3

"The Night Scrawler"

"Canada's next big singing star", Joe Warmington
- The Toronto Sun

"NXNE Reviewed"

"Beautiful vocals", - Janine Stoll, -

"Sounds Like Water"

"Carries on the Canadian rock tradition of such musical staples as The Grapes of Wrath, Blue Rodeo, Sarah McLachlan and the Skydiggers." - Toronto Metro


"Has a vocal ability that can be compared to such greats as Sarah McLachlan and Sinead O'Connor, but make no mistake, she is a power unto herself.", Mary O'Grady - T.O. Nite

"Aboriginal Voices Radio"

"A sensuous melancholy envelops much of this debut effort. Jennifer Claveau's buttery vocals are supported by a tasteful smattering of guitars and light rhythms."

Patrice Mousseau
Aboriginal Voices Radio Programming - Patrice Mousseau

"CBC Radio"

A good record has maybe three really great songs. Perhaps four if you're really lucky. Then there are albums like WEIGHTLESS, the debut disc by Toronto's Likewater. All nine songs on this splendid set are almost insanely catchy. Anyone who likes hook-filled folk/pop should do themselves a big favour and get to know this record...NOW.

Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio Music Resources - Mark Rheaume


Weightless - 1st album
9 songs

1. When You Hide
2. I Know
3. Don't Bring Me Down
4. Who Wouldn't
5. The Only Reason Left
6. The Radio Song
7. As Good As
8. Moment in the Light
9. Once in a Lifetime


Feeling a bit camera shy


Likewater is "two souls touching" through a life-long journey of self-exploration. In the same tradition of bands such as U2, Depeche Mode and R.E.M., Likewater is in search of answers to life's and death's questions by interpreting their own experiences and expressing them through song, melody and evocative imagery.

Likewater is a concept from the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tsu, which means "the way". Likewater flows in the lowest places, it takes the shape of any container and it is one of the strongest elements, wearing away rock over time.

This concept is where lead vocalist, Jennifer Claveau and guitarist, Eric Newby, began their love affair with music and each other. It's been a year since the couple officially split from a twelve year high-school sweetheart affair, but they remain musically married. Their ability to move forward and remain positive about their new relationship speaks to the power of the music they believe in and love to create.

At the core, Likewater is a songwriting duo. But more recently, Likewater has become a full band with John Campbell on bass guitar and Adam King on Drums. The band provides a full blend of sound and more robust version of the duo, bringing out their Canadian roots rock and pop influences, from the Skydiggers and Tragically Hip to Sarah McLachlan.

The versatility of Likewater is a testament to the quality of their songs. The way they craft their songs allows Likewater the freedom to perform solo, with Jennifer Claveau on rhythm guitar and vocals, as a duo with Eric Newby on electric guitar or as a full band with bass and drums. They have performed at a wide variety of venues, from coffeehouses to large festivals.

Most recently, Jennifer Claveau received a songwriting grant from the Ontario Arts Council. Two of these songs were chosen to be recorded and used in a new Canadian-made independent film called "Changes", by Brian Russel, Nigel Draper and Johnny Daemon.

The band is committed to creating another album this winter with heavy attention on the songwriting craft. This will be the follow-up project to Likewater's debut CD "weightless", which was released on Thursday November 18th, 2004 at The Rivoli in downtown Toronto.