Like Wild

Like Wild

 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Like Wild is the moniker for Patrick Hatt's simple and honest approach to music. With it's perfect blend of independent folk, pop, and alt-country styles along with it's youthful energy and intelligent maturity, it is sure to please a crowd both young and old.


The musical endeavor of an honest young man, Like Wild is the solo undertaking of Lancaster County's own Patrick Hatt. Like Wild's finely honed and uniquely folksy-Americana style channels his own down to earth and personable nature and infuses it in songs written about the extraordinary parts of the everyday: love, optimism, and the ultimate importance of being true to yourself. Like Wild's self-titled debut was released June 15th, 2010. The four song EP is a loosely compacted nugget of the stuff that makes Like Wild so easy to listen to - simple, genuine songs about the relatable problems and feelings everyone experiences. The EP was produced and engineered by friend Kurt DeMarra and mastered by Carl Saff, and is available through iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers. Be sure to catch Like Wild live in the upcoming months in support of his brand new release.

On Oct. 18th, 2010 Like Wild self-released a two-song single called "San Diego Sessions" which was recorded over a two week time in San Diego, California. The single includes an original called "Rapture Love" and a cover of Tom Waits' "San Diego Serenade". You can pick up the single for free download at


San Diego Sessions
(Released Oct. 18th, 2010)

1.) Rapture Love
2.) San Diego Serenade (Tom Waits Cover)

"Rapture Love" has been aired on numerous online, independent, and college radio stations.

Like Wild EP
(Released June 15th, 2010)

1.) Somethin' Kinda Strange
2.) For Yoursef
3.) Truth Resides
4.) Can You Hear?

All four tracks have been aired on numerous online, independent, and college radio stations.