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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Lil Sporty D Releases New Track “Certified”"

Lil Sporty D, real name Damien Harris, has recently released his newest single titled Certified that features Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones. The New Orleans-based rapper wanted to tell his life story through his latest effort.
“I’ve been living in poverty, and it’s not easy having to deal with the jealousy and envy of the closest people to me. I want to tell my story through this song and put the spotlight on real hip-hop music in the process”. - HHW Staff


New Orleans based hip hop artist Lil Sporty D recently returned to the spotlight with his new track “Fearless”. The track features bars from Featuring ABG Keith, Kidd Kidd & Young Juve, providing a wide range of perspectives on the track. The track itself lasts right under 4 minutes in listening and features a melodic instrumental with a smooth drum pattern. Each MC takes their own turn, spitting real lyrics about their lives. The theme is chasing money without fear of defeat. The highlight of the track takes place during the catchy, yet hard chorus. - SHA BE ALLAH

"Damien Lil Sporty D Harris Brings Equal Opportunity for Aspiring Musicians Through Mentality Music Entertainment"

Big things often come from small beginnings, as they say. When Damien Harris began recording songs on cassette players at 12 years old, no one predicted he would eventually build a career out of this little hobby—no one, that is, except Damien himself.

Sitting in a small room in a small town with his brothers and some friends, bonding over music, the young artist envisioned himself immersed in music each day for the rest of his life. “The passion and love I have for music… It’s like melodies playing throughout my heart and soul.”

Damien Harris is the CEO of the record label Mentality Music Entertainment. He is a musical artist, engineer, and songwriter from the small town of Marrero La on the outskirts of New Orleans. He draws inspiration from rap superstar Master P, who inspired him to venture into music-making, and he attributes his desire to create his own record label to the rapper.

The Mentality Music Entertainment is a record label dedicated to providing music studio services to the local scene in New Orleans, Louisiana. In this label, emerging young artists are guided from start to end of the music production process. The label records, engineers, produces, distributes, and publishes tracks of artists signed under them.

The new generation of musicians is given priority, as Lil Sporty D acknowledges that these teenagers will be the future of the music industry. While these kids may be just starting their musical journey, they will be the upcoming big artists, producers, engineers, and perhaps even CEO of their respective companies given proper nurture and guidance.

The record label is instrumental in creating opportunities for budding artists. Having been denied the privilege of opportunity from other major labels back when he had only been starting out, Damien is motivated to ensure that all dreamers are given an equal chance to build themselves into something big.

“Follow your heart and dreams,” is the music mogul’s message to young artists who are only setting out on their journeys, “stay consistent and motivated and always believe in yourself.” This advice comes from his own experience as he brought himself from the bottom to the top by sheer force of will.

Damien Harris is an image of persistence and determination as he evolved from a young kid in a tough neighborhood to a successful man in the entertainment industry. As one of fourteen kids raised by a single mother in a two-bedroom apartment, the musician is no stranger to struggle and the desire to make more out of life.

As Lil Sporty D, Damien has a unique sound whose passion for his craft resonates in every track he produces. With clever wordplay and captivating beats, his relatable songs catch the attention of all who hears it.

Aside from his music career, Damien Harris has admirable advocacy in education. He plans to create new businesses that will augment the education system with a special course on financial management and business investment—essential adulting skills that conventional education fails to cover.

Learn more about Damien Harris and keep up-to-date with the music mogul’s latest activities by following him on Instagram. - Johnny Bigg

"Rising New Orleans Artist Lil Sporty D Talks Background, Inspiration, & Hints At New Music"

Lil Sporty D is an upcoming artist hailing from New Orlean, Louisiana. The upcoming MC has amassed hundreds of thousands of stream across multiple platforms. He began making music with his brothers when he was 12-years-old, and has been in pursuit of greatness ever since. We got a chance to catch up with the rising star before he dropped any new music. You can read the interview below:

-Beginning of interview-

Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?

Every day struggle just believe in yourself & your dreams stay consistent and self motivated.

Where are you from?

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana.

When did you start music?

I began starting to record music at age of 12 with a cassette player. I would record new stuff with my brothers often. We made a lot of music together growing up.

How did you get into music?

My oldest brother Marlon was the main reason I got into music was because my brothers were local rappers, so I took it up after them.

What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?

How to overcome the death of my mother.

Are you currently signed or independent?

I am a independent musician/ceo of my own record label Mentality Music Entertainment

Who inspires you the most musically?

Former no limit records artist MAC, NAS MYSTIKAL, & JUVENILE.

What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

I want them to be inspired by the music I am making.

Any new music coming out soon?

Yes working on an new album as we speak.

What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

Working with others mainstream artists in the music industry.

Do you produce your own music?

Yes, I engineer and do everything on my own I work with other producers as well.

Who is one artist you wish you could work with?

Lil Wayne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole & so many more.

Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is coming out?

I have a new single coming out soon “Call I Ball” I don’t have a pacific day that it will be released What is it about? The song is based on someone who flexing on their haters

What does a day inside your shoes look like?


-End of interview- - Puerto Rico

"Lil Sporty D Aims to Help the Younger Generation of Artists—the Future of the Music Industry"

One way or another, artists inspire their viewers and listeners to explore what’s beyond their comfort zone. Lil Sporty D vividly remembers listening to Master P, New Orleans’ rap superstar. Since then, he aspired to pursue a career in music. Today, the artist, engineer, songwriter, and entrepreneur help the next generation of artists reach their dreams.

Damien Lil Sporty D Harris began his musical ventures at the early age of 12. He would record songs on cassettes with his brothers and friends. The artist grew up in a small town in Marrero, Louisiana, in a crowded two-bedroom household with 14 kids. He went through tough experiences, being raised by a single mother, and went through foster care several times. Amid the adversities, the artist found comfort in music.

He broadened his horizons by venturing into New Orleans, realizing that his passion truly lay in music. After attending community college, aiming to create a better life and escape poverty, Damien Harris began working on his own record label, exploring multiple sources. Additionally, he stayed true to his admiration for Master P. “He is my idol. He is the main reason why I started my own record label,” shared the artist.

Today, Lil Sporty D is the CEO of Mentality Music Entertainment, a full-service record label based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company caters to a wide range of services—recording, music production, engineering, distribution, publishing, and many more. The CEO aims to reach the younger generation of musicians who want to make a name for themselves in the music industry. He seeks to be a reliable partner for upcoming artists, believing that they are the future of the music landscape.

Additionally, Mentality Music Entertainment equips its artists to scale their brand by teaching them the ropes of the industry. Lil Sporty D expressed that their ultimate goal is to become a household name in the country, recognized by many as a dependable companion for them to achieve success. The CEO and his company also want to help lessen the burden of student loans for artists who wish to create a career straight out of college.

“I wanted to help others have a better opportunity,” said Damien Harris AKA Lil Sporty D. He understands how challenging it is to begin a career in today’s heavily-saturated industry as he too was once in their shoes.

Since then, Lil Sporty D has done several collaborations with mainstream artists. Last year, his first single called “Certified” featured Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones, two famous artists signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and Universal Records. His second appearance entitled “Like Whoa: featured the Sony Entertainment Artist Lil Noodle.

Lil Sporty D is on the way to releasing his new single called “Fearless” featuring Kidd Kidd, Young Juve, and ABG Keith, three artists—signed to prominent record labels and recognized in the music industry.

Asked what he plans to do in the future, Lil Sporty D aims to create new businesses geared towards strengthening the country’s education system and teaching the youth on finance management and investment. - MONICA HEWSON

"Lil Sporty D Is Making Waves as the Hottest New Artist in the Music Industry"

Society expected nothing of him, but he proved that where you came from does not decide where you will end up in the future. Lil Sporty D is a musician and CEO of an uprising record label and is making waves as the hottest new player in the music industry.

Lil Sporty D, born Damien Harris, is no stranger to the unfairness of the world. Growing up in a rough neighborhood on the outskirts of New Orleans meant that he was not afforded the same opportunities as his peers from suburban communities. Living in a family of 14 children supported by a single mother meant no assurance of the next meal. Having a mother struggling to put food on her children’s plates meant that the state would eventually find them and place the children in foster care.

June 2020 saw the release of his first track in collaboration with major artists: Certified features Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones, artists signed with Young Money Entertainment and Universal Records. The second track was released two months later. Like Whoa features Lil Noodle, a Sony Music Entertainment talent. The newest upcoming single is slated to be released in November 2020. Titled Juvenile, the track features other well-known musicians Kidd Kidd, Young Juve, and Abd Keith.

The success that Lil Sporty D enjoys is only by his own merit. Multiple record labels refused him the opportunity to prove his worth and skill in music. This reason is part of the motivation to create his brand: Mentality Music Entertainment.

Through Mentality Music Entertainment, the musician gives emerging new artists the opportunity he had no privilege of. Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the record label guides emerging new artists through recording, engineering, producing, distributing, and publishing their tracks. Also, the label gives the knowledge they need to build their brands, and in the process, creates the next generation of producers, engineers, and musicians.

Aside from his impressive music career, Lil Sporty D has admirable advocacy as well. Eventually, he plans to create new businesses and programs that will teach children essential adulting skills, including financial management and business investment, which he feels lacks in the current education system.

Lil Sporty D’s career in music had been a long time in the making. It was at 12 years old that he first set his foot in music-making, inspired by New Orleans rap superstar Super P. Sitting in a room with his brothers and friends, recording music onto a cassette, it was as if something clicked into place. He felt the melodies resonate in his heart and soul and knew in an instant that it is something that he would love doing for the rest of his life.

With his virtue, advocacy, and unique music-sense, it is no surprise how big an impact he is making in the entertainment industry and in the lives of the people he meets. Learn more about Lil Sporty D and watch out for the announcement of the release of his newest track, Juvenile, on Instagram. - Tyler Penske


Still working on that hot first release.



Nothing pushes a person more towards the summits of success than chasing it with a passionate heart. While others are driven by the idea of increased wealth and fame, some exceptional people acknowledge the value of passionately pursuing their dreams. And more often than not, these individuals who strive for success due to passionate pursuits are the ones who become inspiring figures for the next generation of aspiring hopefuls. As one of those who chase success and greatness with an immeasurable vigor, Lil Sporty D brings out his impeccable talents and skills to achieve his goals of taking the music industry by storm.

Admittedly, entering into the music industry is no easy feat. And as a matter of fact, only those who are exceptionally talented and impeccably tenacious can surpass the obstacles of this highly competitive environment. And being a person filled with an insurmountable devotion towards conquering the music and entertainment space, Lil Sporty D did not allow the challenges to get the best of him. So, instead of giving up at first sight of defeat, he redirected these failures as his sources of motivation and exerted more effort. Now, as one of the most sought-after figures in the world of music and entertainment, he decided to create an avenue where he can help like-minded individuals chase their dreams while keeping the faith through Mentality Music Entertainment.

Based in a city known for its rich history and flavorful dishes, Mentality Music Entertainment unfolds its unquestionable prowess in music and entertainment in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a company that provides a wide range of services designed to catapult a person’s career towards their chosen path in the realms of entertainment. From sound recording and engineering to music production, distribution, and publication, the record label takes pride in its ability to serve the general public with strategies that prove to drive them towards achieving their goals and continue climbing the summits of success. 

Aside from its mission of helping others shine in their chosen careers in music, Lil Sporty D and the team behind Mentality Music Entertainment made it their mission to help individuals create a more holistic path of their own. Thus, they are working on allowing people to learn and educate themselves on developing and successfully running businesses of their own.

But behind these promising pursuits is a founder whose passion-driven spirit led him to create one of the noblest record labels across the entertainment industry. Born and bred with a knack for getting ahead, Lil Sporty D was known to be a passionate person when it came to his dreams. Since the age of 12, he has been manifesting his love for music by recording songs on his personal cassette player. Lil Sporty D would often create and play a lot of music at home, which eventually led him to find his inspiration – Master P. Since then, Lil Sporty D became determined to start his record label, which is now known as Mentality Music Entertainment.

The success that he has achieved over the years proves to be a genuine attestation of how far passion and determination can lead an aspiring hopeful towards greatness. In the coming years, he hopes to expand his reach and help more individuals achieve their dreams.

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