Lilã takes the audience on a long inner journey. With their powerful audio and visual expression, Lilã leaves a strong imprint compelling their audience to tune in to themselves, the music and the surroundings


The band’s core is the Moldovan songbird Ecaterina and the guitar shaman Jacob Moth. Together with them are the bassist Sune Vang Nielsen and the druid drummer Thomas Kjær.
Lilã is a Sanscrit word that means the Cosmic Game. According to this worldview, creation is a big, multidimensional, multifaceted complex game created by the Universal Mind. Lilã masters this game and task completely. Lilã’s songs are sung in chiefly in English, with some songs in Romanian and Russian. Lilã call their music visionary psychedelic ethno pop rock


Spring 2001 & Seven Candles

Set List

20 songs maybe a few Hendrix tunes