Tampa, Florida, USA

Nirvana + Fleetwood mac= Lilakk... Our musical landscape has been influenced by iconic artists of the past 20yrs, but we are determined to continue to refine our own distinctive sound and make music that is real to us and true to who we are: Alternative Punk Rock with a hint of Melodic Grunginess


"Their sound represents the rawness and passion that go hand and hand with good hard alternative/rock music. Find out what we are discovering about this band; they can ROCK!!! "

"...the heart of Indie alternative music."

" the brilliant sounds of Savannah, Georgia’s best kept secret."

- Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA , Junior's Cave (Oct 22, 2011)

The music of Lilakk is painted on a Rock canvas in shades of Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and fleetwood mac but framed with a melodic grunginess that appeals to fans of many musical tastes. Lilakk’s live shows engage the audience with raw, edgy vocals, dynamic guitar rhythms and energetic drums that will have heads bobbing and fans excited to hear more.

Although our musical landscape has been influenced by artists such as Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Elvis, Creed,kol, Nirvana, Foster the People, Tegan and Sara, Foo Fighters, Live, silversun pickups, and Silverchair, we are determined to continue to refine our own distinctive sound and to make music that is real to us and true to who we are.

Our band has gone thru many players and many names before settling with the members and the band name Lilakk. We have learned a lot over the years as individuals and as a band, about life and the music industry. We see the band evolving from its dark gritty sound and alternative/ punk rock roots, to something fresh and new, carving a new niche in the music world.

Kirk Brandon Joiner (Vocals, Lead Guitar) began writing and playing music at the age of 14 as the result of alienation from his other peers. Kirk wrote the band’s current material but now wants to start writing new songs as a band unit.

Calli Aston Donnerstag (Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals) went to high school and college in Australia to be an actress and studied broadcasting and theatre arts. She worked on the hit TV show "Neighbours" in Melbourne, Australia. Calli always had a love for music and met Kirk in 2010.

The band name came from the result of Calli liking the flower lilac and the fact that flowers are a sign of spring and something inviting. We took out the “c” and put a “k”, later adding another “k” for the two “k”s in Kirks name. It is pronounced differently than the flower, it's pronounced "lil- ACK" (said quickly).

Since 2004 we have played annually at the Relay For Life Fundraiser (Kirk’s mother is a cancer survivor). We have also played at The Sampler, the FSCA Fundraiser and the Frog Wallow Fun Fest. Gigs have taken us to many venues, including Doe Does, Dos Primos, Livewire, Gnats Landings, Millhouse, Daily Grind, Moca Joes, Starbucks and The Wormhole and number private venues for parties.

Lilakk can also be seen as "Artists To Watch" in the September 2011 edition of Skope magazine and has been featured in the October 2011 Juniors Cave Online Magazine.

We look forward to expanding our fan base in any way we can and sharing our music with the world!


Debut LP, "Soon", scheduled for release in late 2012

We have songs on WFXH 106.1 FM (Savannah, GA) , WZBX 106.5 FM (Sylvania, GA), WMCD 107.3 FM (Statesboro, GA),,, Indie Castle Radio and We are working with other stations in our region to extend airplay to fans across the area.

Lilakk has consistently charted in the Top Ten on the ReverbNation Alternative Charts for Savannah, GA (summer 2011) and as of September 2011 is charted at #4. After the band relocated to Florida, Lilakk has been working thier way in the top 40, moving from #125 (April 2012) to #24 (May 2012) in a matter of weeks.

As of October 24, 2011 "Open Your Eyes" is #1 on the Alternative, Punk AND Rock charts. "Team with an I" is #2 on those same charts.

Set List

We are very adaptable and are willing to fit into whatever set times are needed, but our set times usually vary between 30-50 minutes.

We are currently playing tracks from our debut album, set to be released in August 2011. However, sometimes we throw in a cover, to shake things up.

Tracks from our debut album include:

Open Your Eyes
Te(i)am [team with an "i"]
Pep Rally
You Think
Gun Shy
Red Rover

Other songs from our set list include:

Dirty Bird
Not Afraid
Believe in Me
Open Your Eyes
For Your
Tribal Dance
Lost My Place
Tears of the Sun
Soon (full band and acoustic)
About It
Heart Shaped Box
My Girl