Bloomington, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop

Hey whats up, my name is Lil-Ant, and i would just like to let everyone know I'm only here to succeed. Ive been making music for 14 yrs now and my team and I are far over due to make an appearance in this music industry. I am more than dedicated and ready to shock the world with talent


My name is Anthony Bridgwaters, I'm born and raised in Bloomington Indiana, a small town but where it go's down. I'm 24yrs, and ready to make a difference in music


I've been making music for 14yrs now, and i've came a long way, I use to have a music manager but now i just do my own publishing. Ive did alot of performing and have 2 good quality music videos ready for air.I also have a few mix-tapes out at the momment.

Let me call. music video

Real shit music video...and plenty more