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Lilas "La Fleur" Mukendi is an up and coming artist. She was born and grew up in Paris (France) from Congolese parents. Lilas La Fleur studied Business Management at the University of Teesside (UK) where she mastered the English language. Lilas La Fleur is a gifted musician with something more than talent to share. Her music is very positive and she encourages people not to give up on their lives. Her songs are inspired from her own personal experience and her experience as a Christian. In sharing a gift that God has given her, Lilas has the means to encourage her fans. She started singing since she was a little girl but the age of 9 she started composing music on her keyboard, and has been performing ever since. She has a heart for people who’s been abuse physically, sexually, mentally. She release her debut single (Gospel) in 2006, ‘Don’t Worry’, the single was reviewed by Christopher Heron from and she was also interviewed by him.


Debut single "Dont Worry",Released in July 2006
Debut Album 'Spread my wingz', released in June 2008.