Lil' Bastad

Lil' Bastad

 Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Lil' Bastad - The tongue in cheek name is synonymous with the winning humor and unique style that instantly connects their music with their audiences. This five piece blues based band formed in 1999 through their musicianship and great love for the Blues, R&B and Funk.


Mark Bowers was born holding a guitar in his hands and grew up in East Orange, NJ. He has toured the world with acts like Wilson Pickett, Kool & The Gang's JT Taylor, and is currently playing lead guitar for the Manhattans, as well as fronting his own band - Lil' Bastad. He is one of the most natural, instictive players I HAVE EVER HEARD.

Videos can be found here:


LIL' BASTAD - Hoot'n an a Holler'n (2002) EP
1. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
2. Hideaway
3. I Wonder
4. Come and Get Your Love
5. Led Better Heights

LIL' BASTAD - N' Then Sum (2004) EP
1. Weekend In L.A. (Live)
2. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
3. Sugar (Live)
4. I Wonder
5. Cissy Strut (Live)

LIL' BASTAD - Sumpthin' Ta Say (2006)
1. Ghost
2. It Takes 2
3. Almost Chicken (Don't Make Soup)
4. Reconsider Baby
5. Killin Floor
6. Miss You
7. So What
8. I'ma Be Alright
9. You Got Me Dizzy
10. Up and Dried
11. Cat Fish Stew
12. Sumpthin Ta Say