Selected from over 1,200 singers to become a Clear Channel/WGCI-FM/R.Kelly Chicago Idol Finalist


Born and raised in G.I. (Gary, IN), LiL'BiT made her foray into the music industry in 1993, when she placed 3rd in a Black History song lyrics contest sponsored by Polygram Records. Later on, she would become a member of Self-Image, an R&B sextet that consisted of girls from both Gary and Chicago. The group met on the set of an R.Kelly video and lasted 7 years.

Throughout that time and beyond, LiL'BiT kept pushing the pen. Writing raw and uncensored lyrics helped the Communication major (IU) vent her frustration with the dangerous world outside her window, one that would claim over 30 of her schoolmates and 3 of her relatives. G.I., once known worldwide as the hometown of the legendary Jackson family, is now known for having some of the worst murder capita rates in the country (for nearly 10 years straight), not to mention the frequent placements on the FBI's Most Dangerous Cities lists and topping Money magazine's "Worst Cities to Raise Children" list.

Although some of her songs also speak about her time spent living homeless on the streets of Atlanta, it's not all about doom and gloom. For inspirational tunes, look no further than the self-penned "Stand By Me" and "The Possibilities" (originally written for R&B singer, Amerie). There's even a few club bangers, including the sultry "Don't Wanna Be", which she says was heavily inspired by the styles of both Minnie Riperton and Janet Jackson.

Now, with aspirations to be all that she can be in the world of entertainment, this lil' lady is eager to take her songs to the masses.

Armed with Chicago/Gary crowd favorites, "None of Yo Fuckin' Bizness" and "The Worst Thing I Ever Done Was The Best Thing I Ever Did", LiL'BiT has every intention of giving the people what they want.

She explains, "At first it was a little overwhelming for me. To see those audiences, especially females - young and old, showing me love and giving me standing ovations; feeling touched by these songs that were written straight from my heart. Those kinds of moments mean the world to me because it solidifies the belief that it's alright to be me. They identified with me. So it has become my mission to keep writing and singing about life issues that regular folks like me deal with on a daily. And, at the same time, build a massive, yet qualitative song catalog like all the greats that have inspired me."

Strongest Influences: Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Shanice, India.Arie, Reba McIntire, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Anastacia, Gretchen Wilson

Be on the lookout for LiL'BiT in 2005!

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Written By: LiL'BiT (Lyrics/Lyrical Melody Only); Mike Frazier (Track Only); Dyalekt (Title Only); Recorded/Engi



There's a winner in you/
There are so many things you can do/
You might not know where to start/
But if you got the heart (You can be somebody)

There are those that don't believe in you/
Tell 'em to kiss off -- Keep on doin' what you do/
There are times when you feel you can't win/
But you gotta hold on...Find that strength from deep within (you)


Your time to shine has come/
But there's still much work that needs to be done/
Pray, Learn, and Never Give Up/
Cuz if in Him you trust (You gon' be somebody)

There are those tryin' to keep ya down/
Keep your head to the sky and your feet below the ground/
They gonna try you 'til the end/
But remember success----is the very best revenge

CHORUS to fade

Copyright 2004 LiL'BiT, Mike Frazier. All Rights Reserved.


Written By: LiL'BiT (Lyrics/Lyrical Melody Only); Paul Napier (Track Only); Recorded/Engineered by Steve Wagner

Stand By Me/
Cuz I'm So Far Gone/
And I Need You In My Life/
To Lead Me Back Home

Stand By Me/
Cuz I Don't Know What To Do/
And I Need You In My Life/
To Help Me Get Through

How am I gonna make it through?/
Bills piling up---I don't know what to do/
How am I gon' find my way/
Try and I try---It gets harder each day

I am tired, I'm wore out/
I've been hurt, there ain't no doubt/
My hope is gone, still holding on/
Too tough a time, I need you by my side (so)


The madness still lingers on/
No longer safe...even in my home/
Spending time all under my bed/
To keep them stray bullets from hitting my head

I'm f*ckin' tired yall---I'm wore out/
I been hurt, there ain't no doubt/ (no, no)
My hope is gone, STILL holding on/
Too a tough time, I need you by my side


Copyright 2003 LiL'BiT, Paul Napier.
All Rights Reserved.


Written By: LiL'BiT (Lyrics/Lyrical Melody Only) J.R. (Track Only)

Tired of people all in my world/
Treatin me like a baby girl/
When I am a grown ass woman/
You cannot control (And)

I can't stand it when you shout and pout/
About shit you don't know a damn thing about/
Always puttin down what I do/
Wishin' yo sorry ass could do what I do

I'ma live my life the way I choose/
I'ma go for mine--honey, win or lose/
Gotta take the risk to get the gain/
Hold my head high and show no shame

Cuz some advice can do some good/
But I don't need for you to be my Mama, too/
U got... too much time up on yo hands/
Really need for you to understand

Ain't None of Yo Fuckin' Bizness/
How I Live My Life/
It Ain't None of Yo Fuckin Bizness/
Whether I'm Wrong or Right/
It Ain't None of Yo Fuckin Bizness/
Bout Them Things I Do/
Ain't None of Yo Fuckin Bizness/
You Need To Worry Bout You

Copyright 2004 LiL'BiT. All Rights Reserved.


Written By: Jamahl Rashid (Track Only); LiL'BiT (Lyrics/Lyrical Melody Only)

My body's hot/
Full of fire/
Supreme desire

Can I be yo fantasy?/
Kinda shy/
But I aim 2 please

You got just/
What I need/
Need 4 u/
To come set me free

Gotta feelin'/
I've been missing out/
Really wanna see what u all about (Cuz)

I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight/
Tell Me Whatcha Gon' Do About It/
(Whisper: caress me, baby/hold me tight/Love me baby/treat me right)/
I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight/
Tell Me Whatcha Gon' Do About It/
(Caress me, baby/hold me tight/love me baby/do me right)

It's gon' be so damn sweet/
Cuz I want u & u want me/
I'll do anything that u want me, too/
My all and all--I'ma give to u

Hope u feel what I'm sayin/
So damn real -- boy, I ain't playing/
The nite is young and so are we/
I wanna make ya feel like...(wooh wee)

[Repeat Hook to Fade]

Copyright 2004 LiL'BiT, Jamahl Rashid. All Rights Reserved.


Written By: LiL'BiT

My Brave Strong Soldier/
Defending the air I breathe/
Here's a hug and a kiss for you/
As you fight the battle overseas

Everybody's here missing you/
And I miss you, too/
Hope that the love we've got/
Sustains and pulls you through

Nobody Loves You More Than Me/
I Really Do Miss You While You're Gone/
I'ma Be Right Here--Waiting For You/
'Til Then, Just Do What You Gotta Do

Always Giving of Yourself/
I Swear---It's Just Like You/
To Put Your Life on the Line/
To Do What You Gotta Do

Verse 2
My Baby--The Soldier/
I'm so glad to say you're mine/
I pray every night and day/
That ya come home safe and sound

Everybody here's proud of you
I'm so proud, too
So proud that you're the kind
That's gonna do what you gotta do
(Please know that)

Hook to Fade

Copyright 2003 LiL'BiT. All Rights Reserved.

Set List

Aretha Franklin (incl. her earlier blues recordings )
Yolanda Adams
Minnie Riperton
Donna Summer
Bonnie Raitt
Reba McIntire
Z.Z. Hill
Chaka Khan
Angela Winbush
Jennifer Holiday
Others upon request

*The Possibilities
*Stand By Me
*The Worst Thing I Ever Done, Was The Best Thing I Ever Did
*None of Yo Bizness (original) [CLEAN EDIT ALSO AVAILABLE]
*Stay The Hell Away
*The Industry
*Divine (Brothas Are)
*(Beautiful) Just The Way I Am
*Michael Jackson
*Hindsight (I Had To Learn 4 Myself)