Lil Blaque

Lil Blaque

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Lil' Blaque is D.C.'s premier rap artist hailing from Northeast. Urban street lyrics are what he's all about. Lil' Blaque is versatile and profound. People will take notice when they hear his flow.


Lil Blaque represents Northeast D.C. and has been performing in hip hop clubs throughout the metropolitan area. Recently, Lil Blaque performed at the Motown Showcase in Landover, Maryland. Lil' Blaque aka Lil Blizzy writes music for the masses. Lil Blaque is a lyrical superstar and flows freely with his skills. He's been rhyming since he was a kid and he represents all that is real to a young brother surviving in the urban world. Lil Blaque has been influenced by dope lyricists like Scarface, Ice Cube, NAS, Pac and Biggie.

Mocha City Records has released Lil' Blaque's first CD amongst great anticipation. The first track, 'Ole' Sayin Goes...' is smooth. His message is clear and speaks to street life. This musical rapture flows from cars to the club.

'Can't Do It Like This' shows Lil Blaque's versatility and is a fusion of jazz beats with street style. His lyrics and vision bring an honesty and conscientiousness to this musical adventure.

Lil Blaque brings a new style and story to the rap world. Coming from D.C. sets him apart from others. His flow is tight. Lil Blaque can freestyle with ease and wants to shine a spotlight on the D.C. experience. Only he can tell about the struggles and truth about the lives that he's led. His stories are real. Lil Blaque will bring vision to your world as he excites you with his lyrics.


Ole Sayin' Goes... (2002); Can't Do It Like This (2002)