Lil Click

Lil Click

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It's the newest, hottest sound coming out of Louisiana right now and it'll soon be the whole south, and then the country. Great orginal sounding music and a new style. What the game's been missing.


Lil Click, born Antonio Rideaux on December 16, 1986, is no stranger to good rhyming. Rapping since the tender age of 11, Lil Click remebers takin g his favorite artists songs and changing the words making them relevant to kids his age at school. At 14, Lil Click and a couple childhood friends came together to form the super street group All Grind, meaning whatever you did, whether u were in the streets hustling or in the work force, you were doing whatever it takes to survive, making you All Grind, anything to get the cash. In 2004, the grouped dropped their first mixape, "Coming Out Hard." The mixtape had a very tremendous buzz all over southwest Louisiana, but because of poor promotion, the mixtape did not catch the right ears. With no serious money coming in from the rap game, Lil Click stayed in school, graduated in 2005, and went on to college. After his first semester in college, Lil Click dropped a solo mixtape, "Click Clack Bang vol.1" in early 2006. The mixtape got three times the buzz of the first mixtape and its still growing. Now doing shows all over the country independetly and rolling with the same team that has been behind him since day one, Lil Click expects to take the rap game over a region at a time with his own flavor and style.


All Grind Music Presents: Lil Click and T-Mitch - Coming Out Hard-2004

All Grind Music Presents: Lil Click - Click Clack Bang vol.1-2006