Lil D

Lil D



Long time ago in the hood, around 11 a.m. on August 25, 1976, a star was born by the name of Derrick Kyles, six years of age is when music took me over, and I fell off to sleep. Woke up to some fabulous voices of the greatest entertainers in the world like Phil Collins, Hall-N-Oates, Patti Labelle, Michael Jackson, and many others. Eight years is when I put on Michael Jackson shoes and performed Billie Jean. I picked God up and I stepped out there on faith and received the right guidance.

Once the R&B artist went into a deeper sleep it’s now 2000. I was walking down a lonely street and ran into Marc Broyles. Marc was the manager of Presizhun and suggested that I joined them. The R&B group was old school and consisted of Darren Armstrong (played keyboard), Derrick Chapman (baritone), and Kenny Rhodes (first tenor). After performing with them for a year in a half, we did a lot of shows. Marc introduce me to Melly-Mel the wizard of promotion. We performed at a show for Melly-Mel at Midwest Men & Women Club. Melly-Mel is the CEO of P-Funk 187 Entertainment. We did shows at Michael’s Catering (old skool show), and Valentine’s Day Show. P-FUNK 187 started showing up and we started being around them more. Marc got stressed so he stepped down from managing us. A year later we were walking down the lonely music rode. Meet Game Tight Entertainment Company. When we joined them it was not like being with Marc we signed a contract. Game Tight focus more on us being in the Studio. Sat down doze off from the smell of popyseeds thoughts came to me that I am a little uncomfortable with what’s going on. Young man like me with talent and energy level so high I’m not feeling old skool anymore. Woke up to a booked show Sheldon Concert Hall first time doing a real solo performance. Game Tight had considered signing me as solo artist after that performance. I took their advice of being a solo artist and went out there on my own.
Few weeks later I noticed P-FUNK 187 posted a flyer on a bus terminal, showing they were having a show. Once again I find the wizard it must be faith. Talked to Melly-Mel about my situation. Melly-Mel said “she would talk to Game Tight about me,” and they said “ I was not under contract with them as a single artist.” Melly-Mel and the P-FUNK187 family took me in with open arms. I became part of the P-FUNK 187 family in February 2005 and signed a contract. Melly-Mel has booked a large number of shows and have three songs done already everything is more professional. I have find my self to be very sincere about being comfortable with P-FUNK 187 and having the right guidance when it comes to my craft which is music. The wizard has provided all this for me.


Set List

TONITE is the single that i'm working on.