Lil Daddy O

Lil Daddy O

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Lil Daddy O represents the struggle in Louisville, Kentucky. A young survivor of the projects has enabled Daddy O to reflect on the pains and trials faced as a young boy. Today his music speaks to the masses in the ghetto.


Terry Cotton born in Louisville, Kentucky is a 25 year old man, who has been writing music for 10 years. As a young artist off of Too Big Entertainment, O found out how to conduct himself in the studio as well as an artist.

After many years stuck with a going no where record label, O decided to form Block Made Records. Becoming CEO gave Daddy O the opportunity to focus on how he wanted his career to go. Now his raps and music represent lifes struggles, good time and business.

I guarantee after listening to his music, you will see that Daddy O is still on top of his game.


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