Lil Daggers

Lil Daggers

 Miami, Florida, USA

Lil Daggers is a psych/swamp/indie rock quintet from Miami, FL


LIL DAGGERS was originally conceived as a home recording project involving close friends in the summer of 2008. After only a few short years, this Miami, FL 5-piece has built itself in to a strong collective with a knack for pumping out psych-rock jams that are equal parts powerful, succint and sprawling. NYLON Magazine said of Lil Daggers, "[We've] become addicted to their brand of '60s tinged, drawling garage rock." So have lots of others...that is why Lil Daggers have stayed so busy since their inception.

Drawing from their mutual love for early Rock & Roll, Doo-Wop, R&B, Soul, and Punk Rock music, Lil Daggers' debut, the "Stragglers" EP, was released as a limited edition tour only 10" on the heels of their showcase at 2009's SXSW Festival -- the record sold out within a few weeks. The Daggers (as their friends call them) have made a habit of being out on the road -- while also remaining very active in the studio, releasing three 7" records (2010's split with Satan's Youth Ministers, their Livid Records "King Corpse" EP and the ultra limited "Slave Exchange" 7" on Discosoma Records as part of Record Store Day 2011).

Being based in a locale where sun, sand and tourists are the norm, Lil Daggers [s/t debut – released in April 2011 on Limited Fanfare Records] offers a distinctly alternative view of the city in which they live and love, Miami, FL. What's in a song? Well, in the case of Lil Daggers it's usually goes something like this: reverb-drenched vocals, classic fuzz tones, sweeping organ and sonic landscapes that make the album much more than your typical garage band knocking out 2 minute songs.

March 12, 2012 sees the release of the “Stray Chank” single [with B-Side “Snake Bird”] on tastemaking UK label Smoky Carrot. What should you expect? Lil Daggers entering a territory all their own -- sweeping, smoky psych-grooves and crunchy hook-laden riffs with frontman Johnny Saraiva's distinctive cavernous croon.


Lil Daggers (s/t) - (2011 - Limited Fanfare)

Stragglers (2009 - Severed Hand)

Satan's Youth Minister - Split 7" (2010 - Self-Released)
King Corpse - 7" - (2010 - Livid)
Slave Exchange/Sweetwater - 7" (2011 - Discosoma)
King Corpse - 7" (2011 - Song, By Toad - Alternate Cover Art)
Stray Chank / Snake Bird - Digital Single (2012 Smoky Carrot)