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My music is the music of the people. A true form of hip hop, and trendsetter, breath of fresh air, a true artist of music and not your ordinary one dimensional rapper. Longivity in the industry is my goal. If you have a taste for good music, then enjoy your meal!


Born in Baltimore and raised in south Florida, Darryl Singleton vastly known as Lil Dee is quickly getting recognized in the rap game by: fans of good music, record companies, and peers in the music industry. After fiddling with rap as a hobby for the past few years, this aspiring 21-year old is poised and focused to make big noise in the music industry. Equipped with a diverse arsenal of styles and a vivid story telling ability, Lil Dee is truly defined as an artist and not your ordinary one-dimensional rapper.
Starting out just writing poetry, Lil Dee has always had a desire to write songs and make music. After starting a cipher in high school and free-styling for fun, word about his lyrical talents started to spread around the school like wildfire. After a freestyle session his senior year in high school Lil Dee was approached by classmate Stacks about creating and performing a song at the school pep rally. Flushed with nervous energy but confident at the same time, Lil Dee took the stage in front of the entire school and starting rapping his verse not knowing the response he would receive. Shortly after starting his rap, the senior class rushed the stage and started swaying and cheering as they heard Lil Dee lyrically slaughtering the rival school with punchlines and metaphors for their upcoming football game.
From that moment on, Lil Dee knew that entertaining crowds and lyrically persuading the masses to feed off of his energy and verbal prowess was no longer a hobby and quickly became a goal, career, and means of getting proper respect and recognition worldwide. But everything was not so clear and decisive when it came to life decisions, and dealing with the absence of his mother in his life. As a kid, Lil Dee would hold in a lot of anger and emotion and remain quiet about a lot of issues in his life namely the issues of his mother. Growing up with a ball player, coach, and militant father Lil Dee developed a high tolerance for not living in a perfect world. Being exposed to many different people, hoods, and situations further added to that tough layer of skin that was formed at a young age. Once Lil Dee was old enough to write his feelings, anger, emotions, and surroundings down on a piece of paper, he has continued to do so with a vengeance, swagger, and top notch style that is apparent till this day and is an underlining reason why his music is atop of many in his craft.
With songs like "Who Ya Dealin Wit" which has become an instant street banger and mixtape murderer, and first single "Leanin In My Ride" has gained him publicity worldwide. Tracks such as "City Life" shows off that ability to paint a verbal picture of what inner city life is really like, and "Young Boy" is a testament to Lil Dee's vivid storytelling ability that plays a visual movie through your ears once you listen to it. Collaborating with artists such as Stack$ of Cash Money Records to create a new sound in the south, i.e. “Pop Da Trunk” explains why Lil Dee is a trendsetter. With a mind that is focused and a movement that is continuously growing, Lil Dee is bound to land at the top of the rap industry where he strives to reside.


Leanin In My Ride- Single; Streaming and radio airplay
Who Ya Dealin Wit- TV Performance
Young Boy- TV Performance

Set List

Leanin In My Ride
Who Ya Dealin Wit
Young Boy
The typical set is about 10-12 minutes long