Lil Doe along with 2 Notch

Lil Doe along with 2 Notch

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Energetic, Keep our music real, Crowd pleaser not a teaser, club bangin and exploding anywhere we go. Emotionally powerful and our music will definitley leave a mark.


Lil Doe and 2 Notch release a one-two punch of new music. Hip-hop artists Lil Doe and 2 Notch have already released two album’s this year, “Down to Earth,” and : “Back In Business”, which 2 Notch and Lil Doe both wrote and produced. The duo has just announced the forthcoming release of another CD, “Mr. Icey Weather,” written and produced by Lil Doe.
2 Notch's heavy writing and producing schedule keeps new music coming out of the creative process all the time. “We're always recording, at least three to four times a week,” 2 Notch and Lil Doe reveal. “We're always producing albums for release.” This pair of rappers from Fairmont, W.Va., say their music has a realistic world view but that it's uplifting nonetheless.
“Lil Doe and 2 Notch make hip-hop that holds a mirror up to real life, but in their stare-down with reality, the songs they create offer hope through personal strength. “Rapping and writing makes us feel excited, on cloud nine, hardcore but also realistic with what's going on in the world,” says the duo, explaining the dichotomy of realism and musical thrills in their hip-hop tracks.
The music created by Lil Doe and 2 Notch is marked by the pair's seeming limitless capacity for stepped-up wordplay accentuated with melodic, hooky choruses. The duo draws on a variety of hip-hop flavors, bringing them together in a sound that is distinctly that of Lil Doe and 2 Notch.
Emotionally powerful and thriving on a bottomless well of energy, the two deliver rap tunes that tell the tales of the street with the accompaniment of dance hall rattling grooves. Noted for both their professionalism and their boundless enthusiasm for their craft, Lil Doe and 2 Notch are relentless in their daily creative process.
The duo is quickly leaving its mark on hip-hop and the music scene at large. They are among the elite clients of Talent 2K and are shoe-ins for record label acquisition.
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Back In Business Album

Written By: Lil Doe along with 2 Notch

This whole album is the duo's beginning to no end. Each track speaks about where they are from, death, reality and truth as it is in the streets and in the world.


Envy Outta Snakes, Stop and Go, Flowers on the Bed, Klick Klack, Hustle Non-Stop, Motivation.

Set List

Catch Me in Da Hood-4:12
Fallen Angels- 3:11
Hustle Non-Stop- 4:12
In Da Kitchen- 2:59
Klick Klack- 3:74
Let's Ride- 4:61
Motivation- 2:30
My Soul to Take- 3:65
Ride Real Slow - 3:65
Upon It- 3:08
We Down to Ride- 4:14
What's Your Phone Number- 3:71