BandHip Hop

Real,Fun,Dance,and The younger crowd will relate. Feel Good Music


Born and raised in the city of E St Louis, my real name is Gilbert Manning, Jr. I'm currently attending Clark Middle School. I have been rapping since I was six yrs old. I plan on attacking the younger crowd and letting them grow with me. My musical influence consists of a wide variety of artists like Luda, Bow Wow and Murphy Lee. I am the complete performer. All my music comes with a package. You can dance to it, sing with it and enjoy real music. (lilgil) Gwap Boys. The younger generation can grow with me. The middle child out of three, with two sisters, I've learned to fend for myself. Growing up in E st louis and living in St louis in the City. I Have seen a lot, been around a lot, so my music is well rounded. Its only one thing keeping me grounded right now, that's my passion for music. I play all sports. The one I'm best in is baseball. My main focus is school and rap. I have been called the ultimate performer. All talent shows I win. All family reunions, I take center stage. My goal is to bring good music to your home, school dance, and your car. If you enjoy dancing, laughing, and relating to a youngster going thru the same thing as you, you will love me (lilgil).



Written By: lilgiljr

I Got A Girlfriend She So Fly (thats my B.A.B.Y.)


B.A.B.Y(girlfriend), Chucks,and I got five on it.

Set List

5 songs about 20 minutes