Lil' Hizzie
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Lil' Hizzie

Lake Orion, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Lake Orion, Michigan, United States | INDIE
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Michael Edward Wilson, Jr (aka) Lil' Hizzie was born on August 12th with an unknown year he was born cause he does not mention it. He was raised in the projects of Fort Smith, Arkansas where there is a most dangerous of a lot of gang affiliation at. Hizzie was mostly raised around his mother and his grandmother in Churchill Road over by 0street where there is so much violence at. His father was in the military to where he was barley able to spend time with Hizzie. Though when the father was available to visit family he was able to spend time with him. Around the age of 6 years of age he was considered as a bad kid after the incident with his cousin Tammy's. Hizzie happen to be there before her death while walking around together down town Fort Smith. He said all he can remember was a men pulling up in a red car, talking to his cousin arguing which means the men in the car happens to know her, pulled a gun out and pulled the trigger 3 times and shot her dead. Considering to be one of his favorite cousins he still looking for revenge from what Hizzie says. Though he said "I'm just gonna to forget all that even happen in the past, but yet it will always come to me every once in a while though." At 8 years of age after getting released from a foster home for walking around the school of "Howard Elementary School" with a pistol in his hand planning to shoot a boy for making fun about the dead of his cousin. He came out with his own solo album called "THA HIZZIE" trying to see where he think rap will take him in life. After that was accomplished he decided to feature on other peoples music till he think he is real to do another one of his own. That took 3 years and then came out with "THA HIZZIE (2)" which went kind of noticed and made just little money. Though during the make of "THA HIZZIE (2)" his father finally out the army and found a job up in Auburn Hills, Michigan to where young Hizzie might of had to move away from his home he was raised in. Around his young times Hizzie had join the gang called the Slunda Boys (color green). So after that he finally came out with the album "THA HIZZIE (3)" to where most of his songs is about his gang mostly on every track. And then finally Hizzie moved to Pontiac, Michigan to live with both mother and father which is in the suburbs now. Before then and around then he was getting locked up fo many charges and felonies. Then finally after his release at OCJ (Oakland County Jail) in Ponitac, Michigan he came out with a mixtape called "IM BACK" talking about how he is free. also a little before then he also had 2 other mixtapes done called "HIZZIE BO" and "IM REAL MANE". Also Before he got locked up moving to Michigan he fell in love with beautiful Nyeoma Taylor on June 13 of 2010. Then after being released out of lock up they split up February 22nd of the next year. After the break up Hizze was very upset with the situation but he always trys to keep strong. He also said he will always love her to the heart and will no other girl replace her first. Then after that he was already working on another mixtape called "SUFFA" which coming out October 23rd of 2011. Also with that he is already working on "THA REQUEST" mixtape. He says THA REQUEST is about nothing but people doubt me that i cant't rap to certain song that are already out with these other rappers.