Liliana Herrero

Liliana Herrero


Liliana Herrero is considered one of the best folk singers of the decade. She was chosen Best Female Artist of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine, elected Member Guest at the Argentine Council of Music and awarded the title of "one of the the most important personalities of Argentine Music".


Argentine Folkloric singer and also a professor with a degree in Philosophy. She was born in Villaguay, in the province of Entre Rios, Argentina. She started her artistic life as a singer in the sixties. Since then, she upholds esthetical an cultural decisions specially devoted to delve into argentine folkloric roots, given them contemporary sounds and treatment. In this way, Liliana Herrero proposes a new form of singing more connected to re-composition than to the simple exact copy of a popular work in its original version.
Among other rewards, she obtained the KONEX PLATINIUM AWARD 2005 as the best singer of the 95/05 decade, apart from having been nominated for the Konex Award 1995 as one of the five best singers of the previous decade. She received the Gardel Award 2004 as a folk artist of “New Ways” for her record Confession of the Wind, and it is presently nominated to Gardel Awards as the Best Folk Femenine Artist for her album LITORAL.
She has presented her music in different stages of the World such as: Maison de l`Amerique Latine (Paris), the Forum of non governamental Women Organizations, (Pekin, China), Argentine Music & Films Festival (London), “Em Scend” Festival (Porto Alegre, Brazil) , Festival Rio Garonne (Toulouse, France), Clamores (Madrid), IV Cultural Market (San Salvador de Bahia, Brasil), La Mar de Musicas (Cartagena, España), Club de Jazz Medio y Medio (Punta del Este, Uruguay), Festival America do Sul (Corumba, Brasil). She has made an extense tour through Japan in October 2006 and has taken part as a singer in different films such as: XXY directed by Lucia Puenzo, El Cielito by María Victoria Menis, Sisters by Julia Solomonoff, Memoria del Saqueo by Pino Solanas, Kamchatka by Marcelo Piñeyro, Vidas Privadas by Fito Paez, among others.
She has got 10 records as a solist and has also participated as invited artist in many others. LITORAL is her first double record.
At Present, Liliana Herrero sings accompanied by two musicians, Matias Arriazu guitarist and Mariano Cantero Percussionist.


Igual a mi corazon | 2008 (Not released yet) S-Music
Litoral | 2005 - EPSA Music
Liliana Herrero & Juan Falu: Falu-Dávalos | 2004 - EPSA Music
Confesion del viento | 2003 - EPSA Music
Liliana Herrero & Juan Falu: Leguizamon-Castilla | 2000 - EPSA Music
Recuerdos de provincia | 1999 - - EPSA Music
El tiempo quizás... | 1998
El grillo violinista | 1998
El diablo me anda buscando | 1997
Isla del Tesoro | 1994 - Universal Music
Esa fulanita | 1989
Liliana Herrero | 1987

Set List

1. El cosechero
2. Zamba del Arribeño
3. Dueño no tengo
4. La casa de al lado
5. Canto Labriego
6. Tierra Adentro
7. Oracion de Remanso
8. Algarrobo, Algarrobal
9. Confesion del Viento

Duration: 40 min (aprox.)