Li Li Can't Drive

Li Li Can't Drive

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Li Li Can't Drive is a band in the style of Smog, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, and Songs:Ohia. In that there is one primary songwriter Lee Cox, who is backed up by other instrumentalist. The songs are just as moving and heartfelt heard solo or with the full band, consisting of long held friends.


Li Li Can't Drive is a band who's members have been playing together since high school in the late nineties under various names. With little to no success, after the sudden, unexpected, death of Lee's best friend in 2002 he stopped playing and writing music. It wasn't until 2005 that he emerged with a total disregard for the way he had played music from the past. His transformation as an artist was one that caused others to pause.


Fools Gold

Written By: Lee Byron Cox

I'm not fools gold
I panned out I'm not fools gold
I shine out like I'm told
But I almost drown in the mighty Ohio

I'm not fools gold
I tried to help sugar you ran me off the road
But I looked you in the eyes
You're all mixed up like midevil times
you believe you're the center of the cosmos

{Guitar changes}

lee died in a red hot furnace
no one could help he kept his body from us

someone saw him packing up to go

I'm not fools gold
you can talk with me now that I'm old
good luck trying to find a girl like mine
she's been wrong about me so many times

I guess you only believe the shit in your mind

Sometimes I want more
It's impossible to ignore
I need a little extra something

To get out the door

Doctor gives me the blues again
gives me the long whites again

and he tells me he's my favorite friend

I used to shine out like fools gold
the type you may pick up in colorado
but wave after wave I get crushed into pieces
that's alright I'll just go

{guitar changes}


2005 "I Don't Believe in You" DEMOS with Lauren Coen
2006 "Ignore,Snore,Snore" LP
2008 "Aloha From Kentucky" LP (not yet released)

Set List

The set list various tremendously.
The number of songs can vary from 5 to 15 depending on the time and atmosphere. The set can last from 30 minutes to one and a half hours. LLCD plays a very intimate set with JP behind the kit and Lee on guitar, depending on the size of the show more people are added to round out the songs. LLCD may do one cover two at most depending on the circumstance and situation.