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LiLi Roquelin

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band EDM Adult Contemporary


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Press Quotes"

“Blues Alone” was in the 2008 Billboard Song Contest pre-selection. They mentioned: "This song has a good consistent melodic theme throughout. Has soundtrack appeal”.

“This EP is like honey on your ears. I highly recommend this for anyone that loves understated piano noodlings with unique vocals” (92.3KROCK- CBS Radio)

“Roquelin breaks barriers of language and sound” (The Chronicle, NY)

“LiLi has a voice that can bring goose-bumps to a person; with her French point of view is very prominent in her songwriting and lyrics. Her music is ethereal, otherworldly, and absolutely fabulous once you allow the music to absorb into your entire being. The diminutive beauty with big beautiful doe eyes is a My Space staple, staying at the top of the charts in the Trip Hop Genre. What can be imagined in some songs is that the unique arrangements swirl around your mouth, like a fine vintage French wine. Her rich textured voice bellows to you quietly as you imagine her fingers slithering across her piano. Now living in New York City; this physically delicate looking angel’s music is very difficult to put into one singular genre. I envision her music playing in a European made period movie or in the most interesting venues around the world especially “Your Imagination” a song that begins as a classical music treasure and opens into a song about life cutting away pieces of your soul and jjumping from idea to idea in English and French. She is simply ASTONISHING!”
(All Access Magazine)

“The focus is squarely on LiLi throughout, and it is her beautiful voice that steals the show here. LiLi is extremely talented, and this video is a perfect complement to her singing ability” (Video Review, MusicDishTV)

“LiLi is willing to reveal herself emotionally, and this is one of the reasons all of her material sounds so incredibly powerful. She’s able to back up these sentiments with her vocal prowess as well” (by TAXI)
- Misc.

"Video review on MusicDish TV"

"In this well-produced black-and-white video, LiLi Roquelin sings her powerful song 'I Saw You'. The video has a very solemn tone, and it fits the song perfectly. The focus is squarely on LiLi throughout, and it is her beautiful voice that steals the show here. LiLi is extremely talented, and this video is a perfect complement to her singing ability." - MusicDish TV

"LiLi Roquelin on French Morning"

La jeune française s’occupe de sa carrière de A à Z : chanteuse, compositrice et productrice, elle est bien décidée à s’imposer sur la scène musicale new-yorkaise à force de volonté et de mélodies entêtantes.

Arrivée aux États-Unis il y a cinq ans, elle chante en anglais et en français des paroles poétiques et souvent mélancoliques. Sa musique est douce, féminine, sur des airs pop et trip hop.
A découvrir sur son myspace et à écouter le 18 avril en live ! - Pauline Lebrec, French Morning

April 2009 - French Morning

"Music Review on Chain D.L.K."

"LR is something very peculiar and precious in the indie music media scape, she is a solo artist that had the ability and the art+heart, above all, to put her voice with a great success in the social network arena. In many sense is the proof that the talent pays sooner or later and her art is so genuine and honest that every written word is not enough to describe her potential. Lili is a great singer. It's far better to hear her voice, her passion and her pure talent." - Chain D.L.K.

"Roquelin breaks barriers of language and sound"

Roquelin breaks barriers of language and sound

Born and raised on the French Riviera — an area that tends to favor DJs over live music — singer-songwriter and Astoria resident LiLi Roquelin knew even as a young teenager that one day she’d make the move to the United States to pursue her music career.
Moving first to Cleveland to live with a cousin, Roquelin quickly made waves in the city’s alternative music scene, fronting a pop-rock band and later, a melodic hard-rock outfit.

After recording an album with that band she was introduced to producer Sean Bilovecky, who helped Roquelin create what is now her signature ethereal sound (...).
Together they wrote the song “I Saw You,” one of Roquelin’s most successful tracks. “I had the vision of singing with a piano, so I started taking piano lessons,” Roquelin said. “It all felt so natural, like I was ready to go and do all this. Also, I enjoy the big freedom of being able to do whatever I want without having to check with four different people!”
Then, just over a year ago, Roquelin made the move to New York — Cleveland’s big-city rival for the title of “Home of Rock ’n’ Roll.”
“I felt I was ready for something new and exciting,” she said.
Settling in Astoria after a short time in Washington Heights, she has embraced her adopted neighborhood’s emerging art and music scene.
“Manhattan … didn’t have that community feel I was looking for,” she said. “I think it’s just a matter of time before every cafe here invests in a P.A. and welcomes live music.”
She credits the Astoria Music and Arts group with energizing a cohesive music scene in the neighborhood. The collective also helped Roquelin book local rock shows, including the “Make Music New York” on Steinway Street last summer.
She makes regular appearances at L.I.C. Bar, and was featured in its “Queens of Queens” showcase of emerging female artists last December.
Roquelin has also performed at several venues in Manhattan, including the Bowery Poetry Club, where she’ll be playing this weekend.
Roquelin’s recently-released self-titled EP shows off her new style — “chill-out, down-tempo with trip-hop behind my voice and piano” — with the artist often fluidly moving between English and her native French.
The three-track EP also features Roquelin’s winning entry for Best Music Video at last fall’s Queens International Film Festival, “I Saw You.”
Writing, composing and performing the songs in her studio, Roquelin brought in three-time Grammy-winning engineer Marc Urselli to mix and master the recordings. “Marc is brilliant,” she said. “I am pretty detail-oriented and I think that helped us work well together.”
Roquelin will perform at the Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, on Sunday at 6 p.m. Cover is $5 and her CDs will be available at the special price of $3. For more information, go to or

Photo Caption:
French singer-songwriter LiLi Roquelin was the winner of the 2008 Best Music Video Award at the Queens International Film Festival for “I Saw You.”
(photo courtesy of Noble Images)

by Tiffany Razzano, The Queens Chronicle

January 2009 - The Chronicle

"GogirlsMusic Interview with LiLi Roquelin"

"I think now any musician has a lot of different ways to reach out to an audience. I would say it's wanting it, and surrounding yourself with the right people and positive energies, and networking."

GoGirls: What drives your music. When did you first know you had to do this thing called music or bust?
I have been doing music without knowing it since I was 4. My dad's a musician so I was going to his gigs when I was little, singing along... Then when I had my first concert in high school, that was the revelation, how I felt on stage while performing my songs was indescribable!

GoGirls: Describe your style and name three musicians you have been inspired by admire and tell us why.
My recordings are chill-out with trip-hop beats behind my vocals and piano and other electronic sounds. When I perform live it is down-tempo voice/piano accompanied with strings. How to pick 3?... Madonna for her strength; I admire Imogen Heap for her creativity and independence, and producer William Orbit for his sounds.

GoGirls: What's your ideal venue atmosphere?
I like both big and small crowds. In a big room it is more challenging to reach out to people but once you got them the energy is overwhelming. A small venue is fun too, I like performing when people are almost sitting next to me! Very intimate!

GoGirls: Describe your music career's evolvement since you first started performing? And tell us about your music scene at home in France.
I started with an original electro-pop band as a teenager, singing, programming and composing, recording on 4-tracks. Then I played in several cover bands, I wanted to experience real instruments! I tried out blues-rock, rock, punk, etc... as lead singer and back-up as well. I wasn't happy with the music scene in France, it was more of a DJ scene, and music education is too conservative (no offense!). I knew I would go live in the US, it was all around me. So when it finally came to me, I took the big step and moved all alone! I had an original rock-pop band 3 weeks after I got here! I learned the guitar but didn't keep with it as an instrument. After one album release the band broke up -just like a lot of bands, so I joined another band, this time more established. With them I wrote and sang melodic hard-rock songs, and had the chance to record in a major studio with a top-notch engineer. I received so many technical compliments from him that I realized I was capable of doing much more. He introduced me to another producer, Sean Bilovecky, who showed me the trip-hop/alternative sound and I totally loved it and continued in that direction. We did the song "I Saw You" together. It was Sean that encouraged me to get Pro-Tools and build my own studio. I started to record and in the same time I had a vision of singing with a piano. I took piano lessons for that purpose, and here I am!

GoGirls: Tell us about the inspiration for your latest release; what inspired the name and how has your music evolved from the first release to the latest.
My last EP includes 3 audio tracks and the music video for "I Saw You" which received a Best Music Video Award recently. The audio was mixed by a 3-time Grammy winning engineer Marc Urselli. One of the songs on there, "Your Imagination" has a deep message that goes to everyone who just goes on and on everyday without keeping their inspiration safe. I believe that dreams and imagination keep you alive; whether you're an artist or not.... I think my songwriting has improved a lot since my first release, with more confidence I am more open and I am not afraid of being emotional with the words as well as with the voice.

GoGirls: What do you think is number one for a musician to think about before preparing for a CD project - and do you have any tips on saving time in the studio?
Get your own studio!... Well, I know some musicians don't want to have to deal with recording though. If you've booked a studio, just be really prepared, make sure your songs are finished, practice all your instruments lines beforehand, if you're a singer, prepare your harmonies before hand too! Find a way to record yourself at home to make sure everything you wrote is in tune. Get some sleep, eat well, and relax. If the engineer is pretty fast you'll have to keep up with him/her... and be prepared to change a song! That can happen too, sometimes it sounds good until you hear it through the speakers of the recording room.

GoGirls: What makes or breaks a musician just starting out in your opinion?
I think it's kinda hard to define this considering how the music industry has been revolutionized by the new media. I think now any musician has a lot of different ways to reach out to an audience. I would say it's wanting it, and surrounding yourself with the right people and positive energies, and networking.

GoGirls: Describe your toughest moment in your quest for a pro music career so far and tell us how you overcame them.
I probably haven't lived the toughest moment yet. If I were to mention something, it would be how many people are out there trying to take your money, they know music is your passion and they think you're dumb and that you'd pay anything for anything. Almost makes you think sometimes it's because you're a woman! It's important to keep a clear mind, take your time, investigate and be firm!

GoGirls: What kind of advice would you offer up and coming artists that get discouraged other than don't give up?
Try to have another activity on the side of doing music, make sure that you can find energy in something else and put that energy back into your music and business.

GoGirls: Tell us something you want the independent music world to know about you.
Last spring I launched a fundraiser online and it covered all the expenses for my EP.

GoGirls: What can your fans expect at a show and after a show?
I perform with my heart and make people feel involved. I sing in English and sometimes in French. I absolutely love meeting new people, talking with them about what they're doing, where they come from, etc...!

GoGirls: On gogirls music…
I have a learned a lot on music business through the teleseminars & meetings and I am very happy to be an Elite member! I grew up in the 90's with the "girl power" kind of movement and I always wanted to be a part of something that would encourage women, because, after all, chicks rock!!!

By Annette Warner, GogirlsMusic

January 2009 -


2004: A Taste Of Departure, LP (rock-pop) (Radio: Wall Around You"
2006: Neverending Sundown, LP (Radio: Bitter End, Just Blessings, These Four Walls, The Secret) (melodic hard-rock)
2008: LiLi Roquelin, EP (Radio: I Saw You, Blues Alone)



“I will go to the United States and have a music career there”, LiLi told her friends as she was just 14.
Singer-songwriter-producer LiLi Roquelin's clear and captivating voice enchants listeners world wide. Her talent to spin melodies around in her head until they become infectious and addictive songs brings the listener back for more and more. With her true, poetic and melancholic bilingual lyrics and the depth of emotion in her voice, LiLi stands as a musician who has a soul to share with the world. Often referred to as the hardest working artist around, her passion and determination provide her with the strength to achieve her dreams. She left Home -France- for Music... This fashionable female singer is known on the music scene to have a unique and beautiful voice that compliments her self written, catchy, yet deep songs. Her alluring character combined with her stage presence, her natural charisma makes her irresistible to any audience.
Growing up with a multi-instrumentalist father, she learned music as it was all around her. She has been doing music actively since Middle School: from recording lead and back-up vocals in solo or in duet for side projects or albums, to programming, and performing live with numerous bands. Her skills in PR and marketing support her constant presence in the music industry, getting press, TV, radio interviews and airplay of her songs in the US, Europe and Japan.
She released "A Taste of Departure" as the lead singer/writer of her first American pop-rock band, Phizzy Lager. She then quickly proved her professionalism in Cleveland - home of rock’n’roll - when she joined the established alternative-rock band Hate Dies Hard and recorded the album “Neverending Sundown” at Mars Studio by Bill Korecky, who then recommended her to composer/producer Sean Bilovecky. She works with him on a side project and the song “I Saw You” is born.
Now a solo artist, she settles into a progressive electronic sound. Pushing herself to living music to the fullest, she moves to New York City and writes her own projects in her studio, and performs live on the piano. Entirely funded by fans, her current EP was mixed and mastered by three-time Grammy Award winning engineer Marc Urselli and it includes her Multi-Award-Winning music video for "I Saw You". "Blues Alone" is getting radio airplay across the US. See webpages for Tour dates, galleries and press links.

For the Multi-Award winning music video of "I Saw You", please use this link:

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