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Lilith Lane

Melbourne, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Melbourne, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Album review INPRESS"

Lilith Lane is the stunning self-titled debut album from the local songstress and member of soon to be Rock Royalty band Black Pony Express. Opening number Til My Dying Day(Johnny and June) announces an exciting new arrival in no uncertain terms and is an absolutely world-class love song, up there with anything I’ve ever heard.
Track three My Cowboy, is dark sexiness personified, as Lane extols the virtues of and explores with great skill the imprecise science of attraction. And I defy any reviewer- male or female- to not rave about a song that has ballsy lines like “I like a man who respects his whore” in it.
Closing number White Girl Dreaming is a gorgeous, pre-Sorry Day apology to Australia’s indigenous inhabitants and for sheer gutsy songwriting, probably has no peer. Certainly not in this country anyway.
Emotive, evocative imagery, such as the sea-bound lovers in Fishing writing letters to their friends on the hulls of passing ships, abound on the record, giving it an ephemeral, dream-like quality to compliment perfectly some of the stompier, more in-your-face numbers.
Lane’s backing band of Peter Luscombe, Bill McDonald and Justin Cusack deserve mention here for their exceptional work, as does whoever it was that was responsible for the CD’s design. As well as being a beautiful record, it is also a pleasure to simply hold. And you can’t download that.
And why would you want to, anyway? Artist’s of Lane’s ilk, criminally undervalued even in as music savvy a town as this, deserve our lousy twenties more than just about anyone else I can think of.
I have no hesitation in naming this the release of the year so far, and the year is more than half over. Not over, thankfully, is the career of this wonderful singer/songwriter and for this fact alone, putting aside the many others, the future is worth looking forward to with great enthusiasm.
- Tony McMahon

"Album review THE AGE"

Lilith Lane has captured the brooding essence of the coldest months on her debut CD.

Winter's introspective qualities have been captured in many songs. The Stones pined for springtime in their slow-burning classic Winter, and Melbourne singer-songwriter Lilith Lane has captured the brooding essence of the coldest months in a wonderful song of the same name on her debut CD. She battens down the hatches after a nasty break-up but the despondent soul-searching is overcome by the release of surging gospel vocals that come on like the warmth of a log fire. Recorded live to tape over three days at Bakehouse Studios in Richmond, Lane proves she is no one-trick pony; she plays piano, guitar and harmonica on these sultry stark songs, backed by Pete Luscombe and Bill McDonald,with guest spots from Phil Gionfriddo, Justin Cusack and Amanda Roff. If you recognise her playing or singing it's because she has been playing a supporting role to artists such as Angie Hart, Ron Peno, Quincy McLean and the Black Pony Express for 12 years. At times her singing comes across a bit overwrought, but on the whole, her impressive solo debut is as welcoming as the first flowers of spring.
-Patrick Donovan
- The Age Newspaper- July 17, 2008

"Album review SCENE MAG"

This little Melburrnian rocker sure does pack a punch! For a voice of this magnitude to come out of such atiny frame is a feat in itself- let alone the fact that Lili’s self-titled debut album was recorded live-to-tape in three days, with only one rehearsal! You definitely can’t tell though. With a distinct folk rock come garage-esque sound, Lili pounds it out, song by song, never lacking enthusiasm and spirit. Then comes a well deserved breath in ‘Winter’, where Lili reverts to her soul-inspired roots. I do like it
-Sally ‘Rarrs Thackery
- Scene Magazine- July 9, 2008

"Album review XPRESS"

“Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Lilith Lane’s debut album has the determined, gritty introspection of an artist playing to herself in a pub while the rowdy punters won’t listen.
My Cowboy (Man’s Man) puts Lane’s longing for a man ‘boots and all’ over spaghetti western strings, ghostly ooohs and rattlesnake percussion. Think The Kill Devil Hills fronted by a less angry Abbe May.
Fishing ihas a PJ Harvey vibe with it’s wailing, candid pillow talk and spacious production. Lane’s writing eschews hooky pop choruses or predictable song structure for a more atmospheric, balladeer sound. Winter is a particularly good example of this with it’s eerie choir backing and sparse piano accompaniment.
The intimace, honesty and rasp of Lane’s delivery prevents this album from becoming just another blushing homage to Nick Cave. It’s refreshingly genuine.” – David Craddock
- XPress magazine- June 26, 2008

"Album review BEAT MAG"

The term ‘folk artist’ meant something different five to ten years ago, when there didn’t seem to be countless hordes of them emerging from every place imaginable. Thankfully, Lilith Lane lends a special kind of depth and uniqueness to her take on the genre and the result is a brooding self-titled debut that blankets the listener in dark reflection.
Rotating between acoustic/electric guitar and keys, Lane’s rich and slightly raspy vocals are backed by some wonderfully cloying bass throbs and resonant percussion. Lead track Til My Dying Day (Johnny and June) gives a moment of false indication that this could be a predominately acoustic record, but the disc alternates between this and amplification in an almost perfect balance.
Bullfight sits as the album highlight- a richly opulent piano ballad that crawls along morosely and sinks into a gorgeous chorus line, yet is over with too soon. Likewise, mid-album cut Keep It (Dirty Secret) is a faintly sordid little number with a strong chorus that’d probably do well if it were to be pushed as a radio single. These are just the immediate standout tracks upon first listen; the others take a few hearings to be fully appreciated.
Lane, known also for her role in Melbourne group Black Pony Express, recorded the takes live to tape in only three days with the help of backing members Peter Luscombe (Paul Kelly) and Bill McDonald (Stardust 5). Thankfully, the short amount of time doesn’t appear to affect the quality of the songs in the slightest; it sits as a precise and still passionate collection of personal songs that are, as depicted on the cover art, as morosely natural as the darkening of a coastline. GAV ROSS
- BEAT Magazine- June 25, 2008


Lilith Lane made her self-titled debut album in just three days. She recorded live with the band after just one rehearsal. And the result is world class. We are blessed with wonderful rootsy women – Lisa Miller, Abbie Cardwell and Sal Kimber, to name just three – and Lilith sits comfortably alongside them. Bluesy, soulful and seductive, Lilith Lane (out through Fuse Music Group) is extraordinarily good. We love Angie Hart’s description of the album: “Such a self-possessed sensuality, I imagine this is how lullabies for wild women of the west would sound.” Stephen Cummings is another fan. “Of late, several female singer-songwriters have risen to prominence,” Stephen says, “but few are as distinctive and have as much potential as Lilith Lane … she can be bruising and powerful, yet simultaneously possesses a smooth and soft velvet sensuality.” Lilith Lane is playing at Manchester Lane on Thursday, August 14.


Debut self-titled 12- track solo album released in 2008.

Second solo album 'Gold Diamond' is complete and due for release in 2010.



Lilith Lane is an independent artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia.  Her songs take you on a journey from raucous to tender & wild to ethereal.  She sings, plays guitar and keys and works with various musicians to make her albums. Lilith is currently writing her 4th album after touring her Pilgrim release in Europe and playing a series of solo shows in her home country and Northern Ireland in 2015 with stripped back versions of her songs on guitar and piano.  Her live band shows feature a dynamic showcase of her material where she often leaves behind the guitar and piano in favour of hands-free frontwoman performance.   Her solo shows feature her arresting vocals, diverse songwriting and ability to engage an intimate audience.

Currently writing for her fourth solo album her recent offering 'Pilgrim' delves into a sparse, sometimes noisy, raw yet delicate place.  With stories that take you to other worlds and stir up emotions that you didn't know where there.  'Pilgrim' (2013) was recorded with a Spanish band in Madrid and mixed in Austin, Texas.  'Gold Diamond' (2010) focused around a baby grand piano and strings with bass and drums.   A little more pop and lush, and a little less country than her first self-titled solo album that featured roots, a little more lush and a touch less melancholy. Here's some of what was said about the first album:

“I thought I knew and loved the record, but hearing it live? Bliss.” -Jess McGuire FM

"Lilith Lane is a diamond in Melbourne's rough, a sumptuous folk sound you can't help but adore". -Lisa Dib

“Lilith Lane made her self-titled debut album
in just three days. She recorded live with the band after just one rehearsal. And the result is world class.”
-Jeff Jenkins INPRESS

Best Female Artist nomination in the Age EG Awards 2008.

Guest on SBS Television's Rockwiz 2009. RocKwiz Duets DVD series III duet with Tim Finn.

Guest for APRA Songwriter Speaks at Melbourne International Writers Festival 2009.