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"Lilith's Mortuary interview"

1. Why the name, what do you want to express with it?

The name comes from Lilith; the first wife of Adan, before the creation of Eve. She didn’t fit well with Adan and left him, Taking a cave in the coasts of the read sea as her come, where she gave birth to demons. Because of her refusal of coming back from the sacred gardens. As Punishment for her refusal she was told by three angels that a hundred of her sons will be killed each day and he sweared vengeance, promising to kill hundreds of Adan sons as well. So , with “Lilith’s Mortuary” we mean the place where she keeps all their victims. This is why she is considered by many people as the mother of all demons.

Of course we are not a satanic band but with our name we express our interests in religions, mythology and all the stories about the human origin or his nature.

2. Why did your change your death black style to more gothic, which are you main influences?

This style was how the first line-up of the band felt like playing; they had a lot of black metal influences. The changes in the band’s playing style are due to the changes in its line-up, we always play what we feel playing, whatever we hear within ourselves in a way that shows how we feel or that express the ideas or thoughts we want to manifest. Every member has very different influences from each other that is chat may define our style as “different”.

Some of our influences are : children of bodosm, Bleeding Through, Gloria Morti, Between the buried and me, Haggard, Stratovarius, Sonata Artica, Epica, Dimmu Borgir, Devil Driver, Never More, Dark Tranquility, Dark Lunacy, Anorexia Nervosa, Macbeth, etc.

3. How is the song-writing process on Lilith’s Mortuary, Which is more important to you the music or lyrics, why?

Usually a band member comes to a rehearsal with an idea he wants to develop and with some riffs for it, so we usually compose the music first but based upon certain ideas and after finishing it we write together the lyrics ( still based upon the same ideas.) For all these we may say that we create stories or develop concept in form of music. Even though we make the music before the lyrics, everything has the same importance, for we want to make music with which we feel something and makes us flow into a story about ourselves and we will be glad if it happened to other people as well.

4. You have released your demo, how many themes have it, how is the promotion and reviews of the media?

We had previously released a demo that contained 5 songs but that was some time ago, it had good accept by the people. Now we are corcently working on a second demo which we plan to have 10 song’s; 8 totally new themes and 2 song’s which we plan record again with much more quality from old demo. From this new demo we have already released 4 singles that have had great surprise. Many different websites have made us mostly good comments, also the same has happened with many distributers that have asked us for more material as well as with people that like the band, all of them no just from America but also from many other parts from around the world. We are more than happy and surprised with the acceptance of your projects until this day.

5. Is complete your line-up, why have you had a lot of changes in your line-up?

We feel that we are complete now with a line-up based upon friendship above all, and the reason the band ad many changes was lack of it. We feel on the right way now and have hope and a great spirit of gronth to become one day what we want; great musicians living of their passion.

6. you have played with bigger bands like Adumus and Thorspawn, how was that shows, with what other bands have you played?

Playing with Adumus and Thorspawn was a great experience for the band, even though it was a different line-up than the actual one. After that concert the band was proposed to play whit Adumus and Thorspawn in San Antonio ( usa.) but we didn’t feel ready.

We have played with a lot of bands but most of them if not all underground or independent bands, some of them if not are: Obeisance, Judas eye, Erotic Death from Texas, The Killing From Argentina, Hacavitz ( ex-disgorge), Animos Nocti, Cruentuz, Dark Evocation, Dramatum from Mexico. And from many other places as well.

7. What do you know of Peru or South America?

Not much since it is very hard to find material from very good bands that we know should exist there in our city. We tend to listen to European bands mostly but not because we judge them to be better than those from our continent, which we are proud of but because it is really hard to find material from them.

8. which is your opinion about the nationalism, do you think that’s is the begin of the xenophobia, why?

Nationalism is something that we thing is good, we think that it shouldn’t have anything to do with xenophobia even though it does due to the misunderstanding of this concept by many people. Nationalism is right since we need to be proud of our Aroots, of the place from where we come, of our people, of our traditions, of ourselves and it should’t have anything to do with hating others just because they are from different places.

It is also something fun and solidary, for example in sport when the winner holds his flay up in the gir with a big smile while at the same time shows empathy and comforts and hugs the one that wasn’t lucky .

9. Do you belive in anything, which is your point of view about the faith?

We believe in many things like friendship, love, nature, music, etc, we all have different beliefs when it comes to religion, but we have certain points of view in common; we believe in a god that create everything, in heaven, in hell, and mostly in man, and in the power he has in his hands of changing his destiny depending on his dids.

10. Any future plan?

More than a plan, it is a dream to make all of our effort to one day become true musicians living of their passion. Also we are about to start a tour in Mexico, there are still few dates on it but we’ll have fun and dive our best doing what we like; playing music.

11. Any last comment?

Thanks for the support and hope one day we have the chance of looking at those beautiful lands capes and buildings you have in South America and of course of Performing there as well.

- Explosion Cerebral Magazine (peru)

"Lilith's Mortuary live with Therion"

Finalmente ya tenemos el nombre de las dos bandas chihuahuenses que serán las encargadas de abrir el concierto de Therion este 13 de octubre como parte de la gira llamada ''Gothic Kabbalah'', el cual tendrá como escenario el centro de espectáculos ''Pistoleros'' a partir de las 5 de la tarde.
Karla Moran

Los nombres de las bandas teloneras son: "Lilith..s Mortuary", originarios de Juárez y "Silength" de esta capital, quienes después de una exhausta selección el jurado decidió que estas dos bandas son las que acompañarán a Therion en su próximo concierto en esta ciudad.
Además de estos talentos chihuahuenses, también respondieron a esta convocatoria bandas como "Cruentuz", "Davida Metal", "Bimotor", "Zygma" y "Steel Riders", quienes pasaron a formar parte de las bandas semifinalistas, resultando finalmente "Lilith..s Mortuary" y "Silength" los grupos elegidos.
Sin duda alguna, el valor curricular de las bandas que participen en abrir este gran concierto será superior después de pisar este escenario ante cientos de espectadores.
Por otra parte, si tú eres fan de Therion, te invitamos a que continúes al pendiente de esta sección ya que este domingo El Diario está planeando decirte cómo te puedes ganar pases de cortesías y convivencias con la banda.
Para mayores informes sobre los costos de los boletos y reservaciones, los interesados se pueden comunicar al 423-38-99, 423-39-59 y celular 175-36-10. No lo olvides, la magia de Therion llegará a Chihuahua este 13 de octubre. - El Diario Magazine

"Lilith's Mortuary music"

This band hailing from Mexico defies what black/doom metal is all about. Not the typical long intro or adlib you usually hear in this genre of music. Their promo cd from Felony1 records Metal composes of 4 songs, and I do notice that they have a mellow intro at the start which you can sense the Latin or Mexican guitar to begin with. Then as it goes in the middle, the two killer vocalist will awaken you with their hasty yet enduring shriek and growl. Then as it goes at the end of the song, it goes back to mellow again. What I like is FREEDOM MY PRISON because the beginning starts with this Scottish-like intro (then it reminds me of LOTR, hehe) and how the pianist soothes my senses… just fucking loves this song!
Now I do wish their full-track album will be done soon! - Fonda - Nbzine

"Interview with Tina from HMTV canada"

HMTV DJ Tina Interviews Lilith's Mortuary

HMTV DJ Tina: 1. Hi Efrey hey man whats shakin?

Efrey: Hi Tina, not much, just here making some new songs

HMTV DJ Tina: 2. So when are you coming to Canada to cook up some taco's, burritos and hot tomales for your Canada fans?

Efrey: I will make you some taco's whenever you gather some hot ladies for me and my band members hehheheheheeh just kidding. Hopefully if it goes good this year will end up going

HMTV DJ Tina: 3. Any new material in the works, tours or video production planned for 2008?

Efrey: yes , we just finished recording our First album called From All Centuries, we are goin to make some tours to promote the new album, we also have some t-shirts on sale, you can get them on myspace or Felony records.

HMTV DJ Tina: 4. Why has Lilith's Mortuary gone through many changes in band mates?

Efrey: Is hard to find good musicians that are willing to dedicate a lot of time to music.

HMTV DJ Tina: 5. Who is the current line up of members in your band and their roles in Lilith's Mortuary?

Efrey: ok, this is the line up for the moment : lol
Ok, the members are :

Alberto: Vocal
Efren: Guitar
Sergio: Guitar
Miguel: Drummer
Pierre: Keyboard
Mario: Bass Guitar

HMTV DJ Tina: 6. What do you consider your main influences to be?

Efrey: well, I love my music and I feel good when i play the guitar, when I play on stage the feeling is very unberable, so my main influence is the music.

HMTV DJ Tina: 7. Who writes your songs and what do you express in your lyrics?

Efrey: the song writer is Alberto, and his lyrics he expresses history about antique culture.

HMTV DJ Tina: 8. What technique do you use to put the sound quality and melody to your lyrical content?

Efrey: we all do the music, we always try to contribute our opinions that's our primary technique.

HMTV DJ Tina: 9. Have you certain styles and principles when composing your music?

Efrey: everybody in my band has different stlyes of music, which means we just put all of our styles together to make one song.

HMTV DJ Tina: 10. What do you draw from inspiration in your sound or song writing process?

Efrey: some times we inspire ourselfs in the kind of atmosphere we are in, and whatever mood we are in lol. O ur favorite way to composs music is by having complete contact with nature.

HMTV DJ Tina: 11. What are your criteria for a well mixed or engineered song?

Efrey: for us it has a lot of importance because it shows 100% the quality of the song & all the instruments sound prefect, so one bad mixed shows poor quality, and also affects the band.

HMTV DJ Tina: 12. How is the music scene in Mexico?

Efrey: In Mexico there is a lot of metal bands, but nobody supports it. So is hard to go big in Mexico playing metal.

HMTV DJ Tina: 13. Are you planning on staying independent?

Efrey: No, we have a label, is called Felony Records from California.

TV DJ Tina: 14. What do you look for in a record label or a distribution deal to sell your CD's?

Efrey: Money Talks lol just kidding, we look for support and for them to have a good distribution.

HMTV DJ Tina: 15. Are you affiliated with any Metal Mexican Underground Music Scenes?

Efrey: yes , we are affiliated to a lot of websites of Metal Mexican Undergournd music, we also have some conections from bands.

HMTV DJ Tina: 16. What is your philosophy in promoting your music?

Efrey: we like to be in alot of shows and magazines, we try to be in contact with our fans & we like to be cool with them.

HMTV DJ Tina: 17. Is your music getting airplay on radio?

Efrey: Yes, Our music is being listend to In the internet, for now.

HMTV DJ Tina: 18. Where can fans request Lilith's Mortuary Music on radio?

Efrey: Is not out on radio yet, but you can listen to it on Internet at :

HMTV DJ Tina: 19. Have you shared the stage with any big bands?

Efrey: Yea. We have shared the stage with some bands like :

Therion ( sweden )
Helstar ( USA)
Agent Steel ( USA )
Luzbell ( Mexico )
Hacavitz ( Mexico)
Thornspawn ( USA )
Adumus ( USA )

And alot of underground bands

HMTV DJ Tina: 20. What are your live performances like?

Efrey: we try to be explosive during the whole show, we like for our fans to be very in to the show and energetic, we always like to do different thinks on all of shows.

HMTV DJ Tina: 21. How do you like our Hollywood Music TV site?

Efrey: I really like it you work and how you do everything professionally, you really support all the bands that appear in your show, keep up the good work .

HMTV DJ Tina: 22. What do you think of the music industry today and what would you like to see change?

Efrey: The music Industry doesn't let anybody from the Underground go up, I will kile for them to give more bands to show what they got. What bothers me the most is that they think only Rap, Hip Hop & Pop, are the only ones that could make them money and they live metal behind.

HMTV DJ Tina: 23. Do you have a web address where fans can access and buy your CD and Lilith Mortuary merchandise?

Efrey: yes, you can buy our merchandise at : & Felony1 Metal records for know.

HMTV DJ Tina: 24. Before we wrap up our interview do you have any shout outs or any last words?

Efrey: I Want to thank you for giving me the apportunity for the interview and i really apprecaite all your support, I want to wish you good luck and I hope you have success in everthink you do.

Thank you, Efrey for the opportunity for allowing our HMTV Canada Ezine to interview your band.
You Rock
HMTV DJ Tina - HMTV Canada


From All Centuires ( 2009)
Ashes of Time ---Demo---2006
Fetus in morte ---Demo---2005
NHR Records---compilation--- ( Canada) 2008
Kid Antrim Music---compilation--- ( New York ) 2006
Duendes Metaleros--compilation --( Mexico) 2005
Under Metal Assault-compilation- ( Mexico) 2005



Born in the summer of 2004. The Lilith's Mortuary project was meant to be a band that sounded like no other band we have ever heard. At first, the band was build on a Goth-Black basis and it had a very diferent lineup that the one it has nowdays.

That same year the band had their first chance to be noticed when they opened for bands like Obeisance, Adumus and Thornspawn.

In summer of 2005 the band made their first demo recording, and the Project was growing in success through every show where the band made appearance.

In September of 2005 the band played at the Dark goddess metal fest in the city of Chihuahua side by side with bands like Eris, Cruentuz and Articulo Mortis.

In the same month Lilith's Mortuary played at the Halloween Fest in the city of Durango with bands like Spiritual Darkness and fisting.

In the year of 2005 the band had the opportunity to play with The Killing (Argentina).

In the early 2006 the band was ask to participate on a Kid Antrim Music (New York) compilation, and in the Morante (Mexico D.F.) compilation.

Later that year the band made a tour trough Mexico, Playing in cities like Guadalajara, Leon and Zamora Michoacan.

Lilith’s Mortuary has had many changes in its lineup, 3 bass players, 3 guitar players, 4 singers, 2 drum players, 2 keyboard players, violin and cello can be found in the band’s history.

AT the end of 2007, Lilith’s Mortuary signs a contract with Felony1 Metal Records and the same time sings a contract with Halo Guitars.

At the Beginning of 2008, the band records their debut album “From All Centuries” at Love Juice Labs in Riverside California.

Lilith’s Mortuary mixes the influences of all of their members that goes from Black Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore, Doom, Heavy Metal, Gothic Metal, Gore, etc.

Lilith’s Mortuary have a very distinctive sound, And the band feels that they have found the sound they were looking for.