Emotional Dark Rock/Metal band w/ the power to mold minds & mend hearts. Passionate, furious & inspiring!


Passion, emotion and substance. These are characteristics that Atlanta, Georgia’s Lilitu includes in every song they write. Drawing influences from acts like Dark Tranquillity, HIM, Radiohead, Ours, In Flames and Placebo, Lilitu sets out to prove that diversity is a fundamental element in writing valid songs.

With a world filled with stagnation and complacency, Lilitu is trying to do something rarely done. Turn real life into art. Putting their personal experiences directly into the music, they connect with people in a way that most bands today ignore. Breaking all stereotypes and clichés, Lilitu has made the worldwide buzz about them undeniable.

In today’s music scene, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a melodic, dark, metal band outside of Europe. The Georgia-based Lilitu, however, are one of the few exceptions to this rule. Formed in 1995 by Derek Bonner, Lilitu represents the height of emotional expression. After two successful independent records, Lilitu gets a singing deal with The End. The first of three records to come out on The End will be “The Delores Lesion,” due out early this summer. Using razor sharp riffs and compelling melodies “The Delores Lesion” makes the listener hear the honesty, adversity and depth that lie within the music.

Playing with bands like The Kovenant, Opeth, Lacuna Coil, Death By Stereo, Nevermore, In Flames, & Katatonia proving they can fit in with any audience. Dark yet uplifting. Dynamic yet somber. Aggressive yet beautiful. This is Lilitu.

“Lilitu’s enchanting, heavily melancholic sound is lush and deeply moody. Their command of rich harmony and sweeping, expressive dynamics is amazing.” - Terrorizer

“Lilitu doesn’t rest on one style very long, rather they embrace the challenge of creating music with passion and intellect, adding fragments of styles to the music, as if the were painters adding colors to a canvas as the music goes along.” – Unrestrained


The Earth Gods - Emerald factory
Memorial - Self Released
The Delores Lesion - The End

Set List

Our standard set list consists of 7 songs and lasts 40 minutes. The songs are as follows:
1. Only the end of the world again
2. Strike Another Promise
3. The Delores Lesion
4. Follow Through
5. Another Session
6. Desolation Breeds
7.Even the Vultures Have Moved on