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When someone asked Lil Joker the question is the world ready for Lil Joker, he replied if they aren’t they better be ready or pack there bags cause it’s gone be a long ride. Because I gone to make hit for the fans. It's a full day baby, let’s do this thang.


The Life of Lil Joker
Lil Joker {Marcus Tolbert} was born November14, 1982 to Beverly Tolbert. Growing up in the streets without a father quickly taught himself how to make his on way in the world. He was introduced to rap and fell in love with it. He enjoyed watching Run Dam rock show and knew this was the life he wanted. In 2002, Lil Joker and Full Deck released their first cd, which sold 5,000 copies. After high hopes for success the group ran into some challenges and went their separate ways. However, Lil Joker knew it was still time to shine. Lil Joker and his cousin Big Joker {Mario Foster} and the group opened for YO GOTTI, LIL WYTE and the YING YANG TWINS. People ask Lil Joker, who is full deck and the answer is Lil B, Big Joker. Lil Joker writes his lyrics from the stories of his past and feels the world needs to hear it. He found management with PSI Music Group and is now doing shows in nightclubs. In addition he plans on speaking at local schools in an effort to give back to his community.


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