lil' lam

lil' lam



I am a 29 Year old Wife and Mother of two,
weird Huh! I only write words. They are usually dark, about death or the way I see the world, which can be interesting
My #1 influence lyrically has been Godsmack's Sully Erna. He's genius in my book.
Other influences are Metallica, Disturbed, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and my God of all Music...
Jimi Hendrix



Written By: Lisa McCormick

Voices in my head are spinnin'
All my actions considered sinnin'
Wishin' at times, I could start back at the beginnin'
Lookin' to the future, see no way of winnin'

Tryin' to listen to what "they" say
Usein' only instinct to make my way
Livin' my life day to day
No one to listen, yet plenty to say

Searchin' deep down, the happy times & sad
Tellin' myself, Life isn't that bad

Knowin' all my choices could not have been wrong
Others around me, still I feel so alone
Lookin' back at my life, wonderin' where it has gone
29 years not seemin' that long

Searchin' and searchin' for the source of my pain
Knowin' for sure that I am not quiet sane
Why I am here is not yet plain
Knowin' there has to be something to gain

Scarein' myself with the things that I "know"
Livin' in this body, with such an old soul
Dealin' with this "sickness" is takin' it's toll
Waitin' for my turn, feel I've lost my roll

Standin' on the sidelines, as this life passes me by
Fearin' the day when it's my turn to die