Lillian Lee

Lillian Lee

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All it takes is one note from the lips of singer Lillian Lee before you realize you're in for a unique experience. Possessing a soulful voice, reminiscent of Mariah Carey, Lillian Lee grabs attention instantly and holds it for the duration of whatever song she happens to be singing.


Lillian was born in Chicago on May 11 in 1984 to her Korean immigrant parents. She started playing the violin at the age of five, due to the ambition of her mother who had seen her niece pick up the cello. Her love for singing grew around that time as she developed an acute ear for harmonies and pitches. Since then, she has been involved in several choirs including the Women Glee and Black Chorus over at the University of Illinois. Lillian Lee graduated in May with a B.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology... Lillian has been signed to Multi Level Records and managed by Miscellaneous Muzik.


Close to You- Lillian first single of her debut release. A hot club number with a hip hop flavor. The video was shot in the west suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. It's release is October 2006.

Set List

Tracks from her debut release and a few suprises.