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Written By: Marquise Flores

I get mad about something then go do it to the next chick/
I honestly don’t mean it, its not that youre not the best its/
… just she’s the one I want to have sex with/
I confess it… wait… no… that’s not the message/
FUCK… now I’m making a mess, please don’t stress it/
For what its worth she’s just an exercise for my erection/
after our fling Ill move on in seconds/
and she’ll jus be another one of my many seconds/
Wait… that didn’t sound right everything is going down right
Please fix your frown rite. I want to see you smile brite/
You want me to leave now right? First let me apologize/
For … well being just like a lot of guys
I couldn’t be what you needed I simply wasn’t ready/
Your expectations weighed me down and in the end it was too heavy/
I wanted to be how you envisioned me oh so vividly/
But I guess that man don’t live in me…

I know, its like déjà vu/
You see a little bit of him in everything I do/
No, fuck that look I aint like dude/
As a matter of fact, fuck him he aint like Q/
How dare you put me in the category of these late fake guys/
The type to look you in the eyes and tell straight faced lies/
Name one time I said something and aint came right through/
These guys couldn’t walk in my steps if we wore the same size shoe/
You don’t understand I’m a blessing you should say hi-chu/
I bet another girl wouldn’t let me slip away like you/
Now here you go yelling, Im right here I can hear you/
Sigh * Why are you crying? Wipe your tears boo/
I hate that you know my kryptonite. You sure know how to pick a fight/
Im sorry to say but tears aint going to save you from this tonite/
No… hush just listen, Im done telling and showin’/
I hope you find another better til then cherish the moments/

Look we need to talk, It will only take a minute/
Before I say what I say know that I truly cherish our friendship/
Now look I’m trying, can you please be quiet?/
Things aren’t how they were and the flame is slowly dying/
You use to show love but now you’re so numb/
Now you “so what?” how are you gon’ front?/
Nothings ever good enough I don’t know what my best is/
I'm ready to chalk it up as a lesson & say “F” it/
There’s a hold you have on me, my heart is saying let it/
My pride is saying let go, if not then you’ll regret it/
I'm tired of the stressing so now I'm going to rest it/
It kills me that though I'm telling you you’re still not showing effort/
You were supposed to be the miss in my life/
Stay by my side, have my kids, and be my rib; my wife/
Rather then have mischief and this in my life/
Id rather dip… so this is goodbye. Goodbye