Åsgårdstrand, Vestfold county, NOR

Dramatic, soulful, passionate, dark-clad rock, a haunted wonderland, gutter poetry framed in a dark fairytale, dark cabaret-rock


Lillith can be described as a black-clad rock inspired from 70's colorful scenes. The band members are collected from different musical environments, therefore Lillith is inspired from several music genres; - and this combination create a band with a distinctive sound.

The extraordinary vocalist Camilla Hell spins disturbing stories about lost love, shattered hope and self-deception. With a hoarse voice she conjures up a haunted wonderland. And in this surreal landscape Camilla Hell is accompanied by Per-Christian Frantzen on guitar, Gregorius Grim Knockelkatt on cello and bass, Maria Berge Mathisen on piano and melodica and Espen Engrønningen on drums and percussion.

Lillith has, among other things warmed up for the band Dengue Fever (US).

Lillith has in 2010 released their debut album "Once I Was Alive" on their own label (Intermezzo Productions) and earned praise in the foreign press. The band has also got their own Street Teams and will shortly enter the studio to record new song material for the next album.

After spending the summer in the band room, Lillith has produced several songs for the next album. Lillith has with their new song material honed their musical expression, moving into the dark cabaret scene mixed with pop / rock.

"Something about them makes me think of the characters in the movie "Alice in Wonderland." Singer Camilla Hell as "Alice", cellist Gregory Grim Knockelkatt as "Mad Hatter", guitarist Per-Chr. Frantzen as "The Cheshire Cat" and drummer Espen Engrønningen as "The White Rabbit". There are not many Norwegian bands which can be described as equally original. Fortunately, they make just as creative and original music.(...) The music is sexy, raw and sore at the same time".


Portrait in Rust

Written By: Camilla Hell

Portrait in Rust

You're willing to speak
but your words are too week to embrace
Your life is a mess
and it's too hard to impress with your love
You're willing to fake
all the years that you wasted on her
Cause you live in the dust
framed her portrait in rust
and prayed for her

So open your eyes
don't be scared to realize it's all gone
You loved her too long
somehow love got too strong to survive
Despite of the pain
you would do it again and again
Cause you live in the dust
framed her portrait in rust
and prayed for her

When malady comes
you go conquer a home built of sand
You pretend with a smile
you've got nothing to hide as you call her name
You hand her a rose
oh a russet rose only for her
Cause you live in the dust
framed your portrait in rust
and prayed for her


"Once I Was Alive", 2010

Set List

1. Too close to the sun
2. Black Hole
3. Life for a While
4. Stillborn Fight
5. When Ship Goes Down
6. Dance With Death
7. Dark Age
8. Sister Morphine
9. Silence
10. Life for a while