Lil Logue

Lil Logue

BandHip Hop

Street Attitude- Country slang- Music for any racial ear Oh and I forgot GREAT


My name is James Logue Alias Lil Logue I've been making rhymes since I was small. I love entertaining and performing. The first time I performed in front of a crowd was in Savannah,GA. I was so nervous but, when the crowd felt the beat and listened to my lyrics I was overcome with applauses and high fives. I felt great! It was awesome. My music is real- talk about real life situations and struggles. I write my own lyrics. I am very creative, very marketable and very motivated.


Singles: Out Da Club LP: Addicted to Da Streets Vol ! LP: MISUNDASTOOD GRAMMAR

Set List

2-3 verses with 3 sectional hooks Songs include Budweiser, Butta Head and Deal wit It