Lilly Hates Roses

Lilly Hates Roses



Duo from Torun and Poznan, Poland formed in 2012. The work dates back to the deep-rooted American folk music. Their debut single "Youth" has been discovered by American radio KEXP and British NME magazine. Moreover, the same track will be the cover made by the American songwriter Sarah Blackwood who is known for performing songs by other artists, and placing them on her Youtube channel.



Written By: Clark

We go back home,
we don't need no more but
just to fall in love sometimes.
We know some tricks and we hope
they'll work
"Show must go on" like freddy used to call
over 20 years ago.
It doesn't matter that you're lost and
you regret most of things you did before.

So what if we were wrong?
So what if we should have just let it go?

Your prophets are dead, you don't believe
what they've said, no more.
You just want to move on but no one tells you
where to go.