Lil MaQ

Lil MaQ


Professional vocals along with high energy and exciting choregraphed dance routines.


Although Christopher Lawrence Denny, aka Lil’MaQ (pronounced Lil’Mack), first realized his passion to sing at the young age of 10, his parents, Cecil and Felicia Denny, recognized it much sooner. Lil’MaQ, has been primarily inspired by Steve Wonder for his unique lyrics, Michael Jackson for his influence in the music world, and Boys II Men because he loves their sound.

Lil’MaQ signed his first recording contract with Blue Silk Media, LLC out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on July 1, 2007. His Durham, N.C. dreams became a reality when he shot the music video for his debut single, “ Boyfriend,” in April 2008. Along with his musical inspiration, Lil’MaQ’s personal inspirations include his parents and grandparents. Their support serves as a motivational backbone in his pursuit of a professional singing career.

Lil’MaQ is a singer/song writer with aspirations to launch into producing, management, and acting. His early start in the music world, not only gives him an advantage in singing, but also continually perfecting his art by performing.

“Being a song writer, vocalist, performer I get to put my own thoughts and feeling into words and express them through my singing and dance performance on stage.”

At the age of 13, placing 1st in K97.5 Brian Dawson’s “WHO’S NEXT” Talent Competition in 2005, proved to be one of the founding moments that launched Lil’MaQ into a separate category beyond his youthful years and many accomplishments. After signing with Blue Silk Media, Lil’MaQ already possessed the skills needed to diligently record, rehearse performances and write to escalate his career to the level destined from his early childhood fantasy. Lil’ MaQ describes shooting his first music video as, “everything I ever thought it would be.”

Lil’MaQ’s unique way of correlating the emotional ties from a song through to his performance heightens this young artist into a league all of his own. Lil MaQ’s soulful sound and picturesque story line is one that appeals to all genres and age groups, and is quickly recognized by the first note. With the completion of his debut album, he is destined to grace the music industry with his refined lyrics, stunning performances, southern boyish charm and infinite vocal genius.
The next singles to stay tuned for is “Get Wit It” and “Thank You”.



Written By: Syrenn/Lil'MaQ

(Intro 2x)
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
If I was your boyfriend
Baby girl, you’d be my token
You’d be my queen and I’d be the king
Together we would do everything
Like taking long walks in the park
On the phone past dark
I’m telling u girl, u would have my heart
You’d be my baby boo for sure
If I had u in my hand I would never let go cause
You’re the candy girl
That I want in my world
U look so sweet
With u is where I wanna be
I gotta crush on u, cutie
For u
I do whatever u like, I do whatever u like
(Hook – 2x)
If I was your boyfriend
If I was your man
The things that I would do girl
If I was your boyfriend

(Verse 2)
Close your eyes
Baby, take my hand
I want u to see ya life with me
No one can love ya like I can
No one can kiss u like I can
I’m seeing ya face
Lip gloss is poppin
I’m watchin em hate
Cause all the fella’s jockin
Cause you’re a show stopper
Beautiful, u are
Ooh If I was your man
Boyfriend, Boyfriend
If I was your boyfriend
Huh Uhh Huh
Girlfriend, Girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend
Yea Yea Yea
If I was your
If you were my
Boyfriend, Girlfriend
Boyfriend, Girlfriend
I may be young but I can cater 2 u
If I was your man this is what I would do