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Mind opening, exciting, motivational, educational, inspirational, unconventional, purposeful, simple & complex at the same time, & interesting


In 1993-95 Memphis native Lil Noid became one of Three Six Mafia's top selling prospects. Juicy "J" Houston was the producer and featured (LIL NOID) on every underground album including one with Skinny Pimps, ‘Gimme Sum Family’ that was released within that one year period. In 1994-95 Lil Noid then began to market his material under new production. He still used his talent to remain a trend-setter; He kept it fresh, cutting edge, and unique in the Hip-Hop generation. Unfortunately soon after the artist was incarcerated for several years and experienced prison at a young age. In 2002 the artist was released and two weeks later he came in contact with Gangsta Black which was at the time Pepper Mouth of the south artist, meaning he managed and guided his career. Together they wrote a song which was featured on Gangsta Black album entitled 'The Underground King'. The song gave listeners who had been fans of Lil Noid for years what they had been thirsting for, good beats and raw lyrics. The stage was now set for Lil Noid to reintroduce himself back into the industry as a solo artist. Freddy Hydro of the rip squad D J's quoted, "Lil Noid is one of the hottest & most influential artist to ever touch the Memphis music scene." In 2008 he released a mix tape entitled, 'Living A Nightmare Chasing a Dream', which further established him by giving him an even larger fan base. Over 5,000 copies were distributed throughout the south, from Memphis, to Jackson, Chicago, Indiana, Mississippi, and etc. The new album is scheduled to be released on August 20, 2009 and it's entitled, 'Money Sh** No Funny Sh**'. With this album he is seeking a larger fan base through radio play, Distribution, tours or any other venue that will enhance his career as an entertainer/rapper. Clubs such as The Shack, The Tavernacle, The Platinum Rose, Fish Pit Bar & Grill, 50/50, and The Boss have all ready begun to put the single, 'She Say' and other singles in rotation. As far as promotion is concerned he plans on making a follow-up of the last album, going back putting posters, flyers, and any other means of marketing himself out to the public. The same record stores including a few new ones will have his album when released on August 20, 2009. A CD signing will be held at a record store as well.


Juicy J vol. 9, Riding in the Chevy ft. Playa Fly, vol. 9 hold your breath and break yourself, Chronicles of the Juice Manne, Late last night, & Killa Clan

Set List


Lil Noid can cover a 1 hour set or 1 fourty-five minute sets with a 15 minute break in between.

Original Music:
1. Intro
2. Raised By
3. She Say
4. When Tha Money Move
5. Always Stunnin
6. M-Town
7. I-Ya-Ya-Ya
8. My Next Dolla
9. Shame These Hatas
10. This Is What You Tell' em
11. Killa Klan ft. Juicy J
12. Riding In The Chevy ft. Playa Fly

Typically cover mind opening, exciting, motivational, educational, inspirational, unconventional, purposeful, simple & complex at the same time, & interesting