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When you take teen appeal of Chris Brown and real life lyrics of an artist like Nas, you get Lil Ole P. No ones original anymore. That's where I come in. My music is what A&Rs have been searching for.


"If everyone agreed with you, said yes all the time and told you everything was great, you would never know how good you really were, or if you REALLY had the potential to be great."

Lil Ole P is a name that will soon be one of the top names in the world of hip-hop: young and talented, but not without experience in both life and performing. Born, raised in Milwaukee, growing up in a family that loved and played music helped, but it was his desire and writing ability that birthed his original style of hip-hop.

Lil Ole P born on 07/24/90, was only six when he began to write poetry, the age that many of us were just beginning to learn to put words on paper.

Never losing sight of his dream, his poetry took the form of rap - written true to life - stories we can understand and can feel in our souls. While his songs are based in reality, he remembers that life also gives us something to smile about.

“When I started rapping at 11 a lot of people hated on me, that hate was one of the biggest motivations for me to keep my head high and keep going.” I started writing just to get things off my chest and relieve stress. Once I recorded my first song “Make Some Money” at age 14 and everyone heard it, people kept asking when I had new songs coming out. That started me to pursue more in hip-hop, and really influenced me. I started writing songs every day that were about life experiences.”

This should not be surprising, as his greatest influences have been artists like 2Pac, Lil Boosie, Eminem, and Tech N9ne because of their ability to capture you with their look at life through music.

“Everyone has the same story now days. I sold crack, i was shot, i seen people shot, the Detecs ran in my house whatever, no ones original anymore. That’s where I come in.

I tell MY story in my music. I try to express in a way where it can relate to a lot of teenagers and young adults going through the same issues as me. Once I get two bars written for a song, the rest just flows out of me freely."

Nothing limits the future of Lil Ole P, evidenced by the audiences already captured and the future audiences that he is soon to capture.


Thank GOD 2008

Written By: Lil Ole P


I’m tryin to realize what’s really goin on,
So Imma try to explain by the pain in this song
I’ve seen so many things acts of the hate and pain
Yellin cussin cars pullin off GODs name is vain
I’m not a perfect soul, so say what you please
Trying to apologize to god for some of my hateful deeds
Who say i gotta live life, full of crying about the past
Seeing cars pullin off, not knowing if they comin back
Periods of time that I was crying every night,
Until love came back and it was in my sight
The pain and pressure was gettin heavy like a dresser,
But I love my dad and mom, so bless him and bless her
I know they doin there best sir, so please understand
That they not gods or immortals all they are is man
You made all of us so it’s only you that knows
From the heart love my family and I’ll never let go

“”I know god is there, watchin me all the time
Wanna bring out true feeling and heart into this rhyme
Cuz my life ain’t been so great, full of the strain and hate
Make me wanna get up run off and end my fate

I got problems like the rest but cant deal with them so well
Endin up in fights pain and strife has put me in hell
So god help me out, watch over me twenty-four seven
Try to live my life right so i can get up into heaven””

I wanna get in heaven seems like I’m in hell already
Taking time to reminisce , and that bring up the crying plenty
I’m not the best at confessions, so come please work with me
I give amends n get clean I wanna do all of this quickly
But i realize that this doesn’t happen instantly
So while I wait, i think of the people that didn’t forget me
My best friend now hates me, don’t talk to me no more
So i get sad, but glad i got life, cuz that i adore

And Greta, gone forever maybe 2 years has past
The one i went to when i was sick sad ‘n’ straight pissed
But i thank god I’m living, I feel spiritually blessed
Seems like my faith in life is always being put to the test
But its ok, cuz i understand that how it goes
I wanna run and escape to where? No one knows
You made all of us so it’s only you that knows
From the heart love my family and I’ll never let go


I Wanna get into heaven, so i can sit by Jesus
Ask him why he was the one to provide and feed us
Why he lets bad things happen, but not to criticize,
I just wanna see the world as seen in his eyes
Cuz My brain it can’t take all of this information
I need assistance from above cant find it in the nation
Want the lord to sit beside me, while I go to sleep
While I’m up having a good time when I’m down to weep
Cuz for the Lord i pray for my soul to keep
I’m living life in pain strife that seems knee deep
And the pain and pressure is gettin heavy like a dresser,
But I love my dad and mom, so bless him and bless her
I know they doin there best sir, so please understand
That they not gods or immortals all they are is man
You made all of us so it’s only you that knows
From the heart love my family and I’ll never let go



What You Need

Written By: Lil Ole P

Simon Palm - Lil Ole P

You can tell me what you need,
Cuz I got it


Tell me what you need, cuz I got it
My mind pro tools, I got some logic
Cuz I be, hustlin hard, cant get it like I got it
Motivated I use knowledge to count the profit

[Verse 1]
Gon, tell me, what you need cuz I got it
All kinds of logic and pro tools for your project
I am honest, I profit, N I get paid
I am the product, and I can demonstrate

My features, the leader, am the expert in writing
Milwaukee Wisconsin where im currently residing
Currently im fighting a lot of haters on a daily
Tryna Fort Knox they mind, build the walls, so im scaling

Into that Im into this, from the start to the finish if
You would be so kind, to greet my kind wit some limitless
Opportunities for me n the crew wit ease,
Getting paper, dairy state, we stay wit some cheese

I , stay, wit the flow my mics I get my show on
Dro in a pipe to get my mind right, before I go on
N proceed, wit profits, Money, Im talkin that
N prophets like $killz, professional at the task

Of, achieving the highest, mark above horizon
Beyond the dreams of your bed n bath n I aint lyin
We gon takeover n take charge, re-arrange n take apart
You in the presence of greatness, you wait n take a card

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]

I, stack up profit through process I got it
I will take off, n blast off in the air like a …. uhh-
Jet, ha you thought Iz gone say rocket
I tricked you, ill spit through the sounds now I doubt if
You looked across the planet, the valleys n the mountains
You could find somebody better than me to the degree of my alignment
How I was created pre-existence soul finding,
Its way into a human form, that formed me surprising
Everyone what we can do, from me to you im cheatin dude
I took, down a forest n burned every tree that was green n blue

- - - - Slow down Im eating stew,
filled wit rappers dressin up like they was at the pool
I attack like a shark, like you stuck in a pool
Precision like a pool shark, takin the money from fools
In the bar, because the bar im raisin it
For young hip hop artists baby, im raising it
A beast, emcee locked up I am uncagin it,
Him, the one, the Mr Reeves of this Matrix shit
Freestyle is ill, a freak style can kill
On my way to be da free child, n I still ask cuz


Copyright Simon Palm 2010

All My Life

Written By: Lil Ole P & $killz

Lil Ole P & $killz - All My Life


All my life been is pain, and this ain’t a game
You can feel what I feel, cuz we aint the same

[Verse 1, Lil Ole P ]

We, aint the same not close to the same path
Weighin grams Os not close to the same path
I make stacks break backs make tracks n state facts
Hustle hard for the paper my life is a race track

Best, I done raced that, given quota raised that
Told me the minimum, came back n raised MAX
So come hell or high water you cant RAISE past,
Mark I made, bar I set, level that Im at

Hate it or love it, I moved on, im above it
Motivated like TI stand up guy how Im stuntin
Why you losin your emotion, you gotta learn patience
You hatin on me, why? GOD made me for greatness

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2, $killz]

It’s like my flow is on speed but really I live the fast life
Intelligent mind frame brighter than a flash light
Battle rap $killz, mother fucker you aint that nice
Thinking that you superman cuz you hittin your crack pipe?

You on some dumb shit, gun click blastin
Bastard, you will forever sleep in a casket
I spit acid, metaphorical madness
To make sure my words stickin to you like a cactus

You couldn’t see me with telescopes for glasses
I spit shit at Godspeed n yall speak molasses
Imma bastard, cocky thing
Imma smooth criminal flow oxy-clean

[Hook x2]

Copyright 2010 Simon Palm & Anthony Kolstad


Simon Says [2009] - Album coming soon!

"Do What You Feel" Lil Ole P ft. MC Eiht

featured on a coast 2 coast mixtape hosted by Snoop Dogg.


What You Need
We Are Gonna Ride Out
I Know

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