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"Heart & Determination"

Speaking on performance of my single "mind on my money".

"Man that's a epic track right there. Epic. Heart and determination this guys got it."

-Reggie Smooth Az Butta Brown [WKKV-FM V100 Jams] - V100's Reggie Smooth Az Butta Brown

"DJ Homer Blow"

"Man Lil Ole P, I'm tellin you man I done seen you and you definitely got my support man.
I think that you definitely bring your swag to it, your not trying to add another persons swag to you, you doing you.
And your production on your tracks man, is phenomenal."

- DJ Homer Blow of CORE DJ's - DJ Homer Blow of CORE DJ's

"Rapsoulution Issue 17"

Interview with Lil Ole P

"If everyone agreed with you, said yes all the time and told you everything was great, you would never know how good you really were, or if you REALLY had the potential to be great."

What up Lil Ole P, hows it going, what’s good with you?
Its been really good, all these good things with my music are happening at the same time and I feel blessed every day,, I don’t think things could be going any better than they are right now.

You're from Milwaukee, so tell me what is the music scene like there for indie artists?
There are a LOT of indie artists in Milwaukee. as far as hip hop, its often overlooked by the industry. People think, Milwaukee artists aren’t serious about there music, or don’t have the motivation and dedication to stay on top if they get a major deal. That’s where I come in. There is a LOT of talent in Milwaukee. a lot of people have been helping put Milwaukee on the map lately. There’s a lot of open showcases, and major artists coming through here n there, a lot of good shows to show people what you can really do.

What's the story behind the name 'Lil Ole P' ?
People use to call me Lil P when I was really young, the P stood for my last name. In high school I would freestyle everyday n rap with people there,, n someone I use to write with told me "everyone has "LIL" something. LIL Wayne, LIL flip, LIL Boosie etc, you should make your name different like Lil Boss P, or Lil Kid P, Lil Ole P," and it just stuck with me.

How do you describe your music?
My music is something you can listen to over and over, something you can sit back n vibe to.
I write music to get across what Im feeling at that time. If im in a really good mood, I could write some music like my song "I Know" and come up with some motivational music or music about life. If im feeling mad or angry Ill write a song like that.
I’ve been told I sound like a East Coast rapper, people have compared my style to Nas, Big L, and people keep comparing me to Eminem.

Who were your influences and which artist inspired you the most?
Way too many , Lil Boosie, Dr Dre, Big L, Tupac, Eminem, Tech N9ne,Fabolous, Stat Quo, Nate Dogg, Twista, Young Buck, Alchemist, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Nas and many more. Inspiring me the most, Tupac. Every song he did, was about something real. He didn’t just make "club" songs or "radio hits". his radio songs were still about real shit like changes, I aint mad at ya, all eyez on me etc.

Producers like Alchemist, Dr Dre, 9th Wonder n Timbaland make a lot of beats, where I just hear the beat and immediately wanna write something to it, there sounds are so unique and I don’t know what else to say besides I LOVE music.

These days, everyone claims to be different, so tell me what sets you apart from other artists and how can todays younger generation relate to your music?
I write about everything going on with me and around me. So anyone in the same or similar situations, can listen to what Im saying,, I don’t like making songs just for the club, or just to perform with. My favorite music to listen to and make is real life shit that’s going on.
A lot of other artists try to sound like someone already big,, and use auto-tune on everything, thinking it makes them sounds better, when it takes away from there own sound. I don’t like using that

So where can we get the latest on Lil Ole P on the web?, or search Google,, ill have a website coming soon!

Among opening for some major artist is a upcoming show where you are going to open for Kid Cudi in Milwaukee. What can we expect from Lil Ole P as the opening act?

I have been working like crazy on this show. I have a 1/2 hour slot, so it cant just be a few songs and im done, this is going to be a well constructed, structured show. We have a lot of surprises and media coverage for the show. I have Two magazines coming, one is filming everything in HD & the other one is photographing everything. Part of the video will be used for the music video were doing also. Im gonna make sure its a night for everyone to enjoy & remember.

Who is the biggest act you have opened for and how did you get it?
D12. I seen a poster in August at the Miramar Theatre, I was doing a show there, and wanted to open for them, so I contacted the people putting together the show, worked out a deal, brought in about 35 people and performed on stage. I was invited back to the hotel with my friends too after the show, was able to kick it with them for a minute.

Talk to me about your project with MC Eiht and I understand that there is a Mixtape in the works that will be hosted by Snoop Dogg.
One of the markets I try to promote in a lot is Los Angeles, and someone out there who liked my music a lot, I asked her who I should try n do a song with, n she told me MC Eiht. I had already listened to Eiht in the past when I was younger, and people who didn’t know who he was from music, knew him f - Rapsoulutuon Magazine


Simon Says [2009] - Album coming soon!

"Do What You Feel" Lil Ole P ft. MC Eiht

featured on a coast 2 coast mixtape hosted by Snoop Dogg.


What You Need
We Are Gonna Ride Out
I Know

My single "Thank GOD 2008" is on iTunes

I have had radio play on V100 Jams in Milwaukee, [100.7]

Continued play on [hosted by Homer Blow]

[Continued play with 310 ENT on California Mixtapes]

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"If everyone agreed with you, said yes all the time and told you everything was great, you would never know how good you really were, or if you REALLY had the potential to be great."

Lil Ole P is a name that will soon be one of the top names in the world of hip-hop: young and talented, but not without experience in both life and performing. Born, raised in Milwaukee, growing up in a family that loved and played music helped, but it was his desire and writing ability that birthed his original style of hip-hop.

Lil Ole P born on 07/24/90, was only six when he began to write poetry, the age that many of us were just beginning to learn to put words on paper.

Never losing sight of his dream, his poetry took the form of rap - written true to life - stories we can understand and can feel in our souls. While his songs are based in reality, he remembers that life also gives us something to smile about.

“When I started rapping at 11 a lot of people hated on me, that hate was one of the biggest motivations for me to keep my head high and keep going.” I started writing just to get things off my chest and relieve stress. Once I recorded my first song “Make Some Money” at age 14 and everyone heard it, people kept asking when I had new songs coming out. That started me to pursue more in hip-hop, and really influenced me. I started writing songs every day that were about life experiences.”

This should not be surprising, as his greatest influences have been artists like 2Pac, Lil Boosie, Eminem, and Tech N9ne because of their ability to capture you with their look at life through music.

“Everyone has the same story now days. I sold crack, i was shot, i seen people shot, the Detecs ran in my house whatever, no ones original anymore. That’s where I come in.

I tell MY story in my music. I try to express in a way where it can relate to a lot of teenagers and young adults going through the same issues as me. Once I get two bars written for a song, the rest just flows out of me freely."

Nothing limits the future of Lil Ole P, evidenced by the audiences already captured and the future audiences that he is soon to capture.