lil'rice krunk kid

lil'rice krunk kid

BandHip HopR&B

a krunk artist dat pops up the club and keep his city rizin


my name is Nathaniel Allen and I'm good at makein beatz and songs i do everything my self the writing,the beat and the layin down the track. i do it at home in my room and it sounds like i did it and a studio cuz i learn from ever one i go 2. i make my beatz on fruity loops and the M tv music generator for the ps1 and is sound real good every one wants my beats and songs and want me 2 make beatz for them and lay it down in my room cuz my room is like a studio and i tot myself how 2 do it all


rize 4 my city

Set List

rize 4 my city 3:44
sh-sh-co-we-co-we 4:30
spend a day 4:4
see my in the spot 4:24
krunk it up 4:07
mr flash 6:09