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PERSONAL HISTORY: Lil' Saintsta is an upcoming gospel rapper/singer/songwriter/producer, from Jackson, Alabama. She was born January 5, 1981. Lil' Saintsta has true talent and has been rapping and singing for the Lord since she was 12 years old. She also produced some of the tracks on her album (WORSHIP GOD). She’s bringing something new and positive and taking gospel to a whole new level. She is a Christian as well, and what she raps and sings about is what she's about and that’s Jesus Christ. Other gospel rappers and singers such as Prime Minister, Kirk Franklin, and D.C. Talk have been inspiring to her. She strives to be very successful with her gospel rap career, and will never give up. Lil' Saintsta will not let nothing stand in the way of her working for the Lord through Her powerful gospel rap message.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Lil' Saintsta has radio air-play with 93 BLX, which is a hip hop and R&B radio station, located in Mobile, Alabama. In April of 2008, She entered a Birthday Idol Contest with 93 BLX and after playing her song, Courtney Hicks which is the D.J. replies, "I like it, that's Lil' Saintsta and anytime somebody takes time to put it down they deserve to be a winner." She has currently completed her first album and is working on her second one. Lil' Saintsta has sold plenty of CD's, and have done several gigs and shows, and has a growing fan base. She is currently a member of a website called sound click, (since 9-18-08) an in just 3 days of being on the site she had 7,234 views, 111 friends as well as #1 on the charts with her hit song, “worship God”. She also was discovered by D.J Inspiration, (D.J for 101.3 Renegade radio), from Reno, Nevada. Here is a quote from D.J Inspiration, “First of all I like to say when I play your music on my shows I get a lot of feedback and lots of request to play your music again. I do 3 shows a week (Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays) at 101.3 FM Renegade Radio in Northern Nevada. Playing that holy hip hop music for all the Christian listeners.

GOALS: Lil' Saintsta's mission is to touch the souls of the young as well as the older generation through her music. She wants to start having more and more concerts, especially for the young people, and take out time to talk to them regarding drugs, sex, and violence. She actually cares and love people and wants the best for them. She knows it's more to it than just selling CD's, it’s mainly about changing lives and working for the Lord through her music. Lil' Saintsta wants the world to know what she is about, and who she represent. She is very ambitious and a natural born, straight up go-getter, she gets out there and sell her CD's, arrange her gigs, and ask different radio stations if they would play her music. She wants to get well known and gain as much exposure as possible. She is willing to put her blood, sweat, and tear into her gospel rap career, and in the end all her hard work will pay off. She believes in herself, and is extremely serious about her gospel rap career and taking it to the next level and that's all the way to the top!!! Lil' Saintsta also believes she can do all thing through Christ Jesus who strengthens her. Remember this name: LIL' SAINTSTA (Representing Jesus Christ for life) God Bless!!!