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Rogers, Arkansas, United States | MAJOR

Rogers, Arkansas, United States | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"lil shaw interview with ancorco @"

anCor: What is your name and where are you from?

Lil Shaw: My name is Reggie shaw aka lil shaw from Pine Bluff , Arkansas

anCor: What is one thing you love about your home town?

Lil Shaw: The thing I love about my city is the support, of course there's gonna be haters but they also motivate me to grind harder than the next man.

anCor: Does your hometown show love to Indie Artist?

Lil Shaw: It depends, if you go hard and got real music yeah they support 100% but that bubble gum rap dont get play in my parts also if you spit what you aint about you will get exposed real quick in the bluff cause real recognize real.

anCor: Descibe yourself using one word.

Lil Shaw: Ambitous!!!

anCor: At what age did you get into the music business?

Lil Shaw: I started music at the age of 16 as a hobby, but I got serious about it at the age of 20 realizing this is what I am.

anCor: Along your journey did you have a mentor to guide you in the right direction?

Lil Shaw: No I really didn't have a mentor I learned 90% of the things from the streets. So I guess it's safe to say Im a product of the streets.

anCor: Whats your definition of an outstanding manager?

Lil Shaw: My definition of an outstanding manager is a manager who recognize's off top you got something spectacular to bring to the table so they go all out to get you the recognition you deserve without no bullshit or gimics.

anCor: Do you believe it is difficult being a indie artist, why or why not?

Lil Shaw: I thinks its very difficult being a indie artist, first of all you put more work into your craft than major artist but don't get the money or recognition you deserve. I been putting blood , sweat , and tears into my music for the past 10 years and I feel I still don't get the recognition I deserve cuz of course I got mouth's to feed as well but i feel my time is coming very soon.

anCor: How many hours a week would you say you spend in the studio?

Lil Shaw: this is like a job to me so ill say I put at least 40 hours a week in the studio plus overtime!!!

anCor: Do you do many YouTube and Ustream videos? What are your main purposes in doing them?

Lil Shaw: I wont say I put alot on the sites but I got a fair share of videos up for promotion and to keep my fans informed on what I got going on.

anCor: Any mixtapes in circulation?

Lil Shaw: Man I got alot of mixtapes in circulation, first off my exclusive mixtape "the last one left" which came out in march you can find it on many sites just google it, also the murdah mixtape, suckerproof edition mixtapes, pain killers, summer tour mixtape and many more also look out for my next exclusive "let me in"dropping next month Im getting in.

anCor: Any words of wisdom?

Lil Shaw: Stay focused even when you think things aint moving like you want it to and have fun doing it cuz if you dont love it you will easily get back tracked, and feed off the haters don't let them discourage you cuz their's more haters than there are real niggas.

Shout Outs: I just wanna give a shout out to everybody who been behind me yall know who you are, and for the people who dont support the boy dont holla at me when I make it to the top.(real talk) - Chanelle bell


singles include "on the grind" and "24-7" which get spins and mixtape placement also I jus put out my first official music video to my new singe 24-7 which could be viewed on youtube the link is below.



Reginald Shaw was born June 21st in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The middle child of five boys raised by only his mother, he was the black sheep of the family.While the other 4 boys where into sports, Lil' Shaw spent most of his time getting in trouble.His mother used to ask why can't he be like the rest of his siblings and he would respond that he is going to be a rapper. Shaw grew up listening to artists such as Tupac, Dirty Boys, Outkast, Rakim and many others. At age of 16 Shaw formed his own group called the HGs, aka the Human Gorillas. Shaw recorded his first rap called "Time to get crunk" and the streets loved it. Shaw finally had something going for himself and even his mother was happy. Even after complications with some members getting jail time and some getting killed, Shaw still decided to pursue music full time. Since then, Shaw has dropped his first album titled "I'm ready,The middle".Shaw has been featured on a host of mixtapes and just recently dropped his own exclusive mixtape hosted by Dj Smoke titled "The last one left".