a whinin' maggot singer/songwriter with an emotional hangover - and a smile! (jazz hands!!)


Yes, another girl with a guitar bearing her soul with songs written about life, love and all that other good stuff!. Celine Burke - better known as Lily to her friends (that means you too!!) & family- was born and reared on the northside of Dublin, Ireland. Being the baby of the family, music was a big part of her upbringing and she was heavily influenced by the music that her 6 older brothers and sisters listened to. She was singing since before she could talk - and dancing before she could walk. Since cutting her teeth on the singer songwriter circuit in Dublin, blessed to have shared stage space with the best of irish talent, Lily has also brought her songs to other venues across the globe.
"My own music is influenced by the need to write about how i feel, from conversations had and overheard"
Right now Lily is preparing her material for her debut album which she is recording in Berlin in August 2008.


Cliche & Other Lullabies
My song 'Cliche' is featured in two soon to be released short films. 'The Bet' & 'Whatever turns you on'

Set List

Fightin' Fit
Long Gone
Party Trick
Told ya So
Cry Wolf
Space & Time