Lily C

Lily C

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A jam session with Jewel, Nelly Furtado and Natasha Beddingfield.


Lily C’s music brings a gust of fresh air wherever she goes. Her music is an exploration of the ideal world everyone dreams of living in - where the pace is slowed down and people have the time to sit for coffee. Indeed listening to Lily C’s lyrics is very much like sitting down for coffee with a very good friend - who wants to encourage you.

Inspired by singer/songwriters such as Jewel and Natasha Beddingfield, Lily C’s voice possesses a genuine intimacy that immediately connects to people. She also has an easy charm that makes any venue seem like a livingroom full of friends.

Lily C’s musical journey began when she moved to Taiwan for several years in search of her roots. While living in the Republic of China, she not only established her Mandarin speaking abilities, she also began songwriting in both Mandarin and English. Eventually she garnered a fan club of over 1000 members who joined her not only in the appreciation of music, but also doing volunteer work across the country. Lily C has the ability to inspire.
In 2005 Lily C independently released her debut album, “Perfect Moment.” Intentionally choosing an album cover that wasn’t airbrushed, but a true representation of a real moment in her life. The album garnered critical acclaim, national radio airplay, as well as selling over 2000 units. She had the opportunity to tour the country bringing her inspiring music to clubs, bookstores, and schools. She even did a prison tour in partnership with a charitable organization that protects the rights of inmates and their families.

Since returning to Canada in 2007, Lily C has been busy performing in venues such as the Free Times Cafe, Cameron House, Graffiti’s and the Buddha Lounge to name a few. She has also shared her music at community events such as “Art in the Heart of Oakville,” “the Whychcraft art market,” “Soupalicious,” and the annual ALS walk. She has also been working to hone her craft by attending SongStudio (formerly known as the Humber Songwriting Workshop) several years in a row, as well as working with coaches including Micah Barnes and Elaine Overholt.

She is currently working on her sophmore album which she hopes to release bilingually as well as in both North American and Asian markets. Spending time with her mother who lives courageously with a terminal illness has given her much food for thought, and she hopes that her journey through these difficult times will be channeled into her new creations.


Lily released her debut bilingual indie album, Perfect Moment in 2005. She toured the island and sold 2000 copies, garnering media coverage and airplay. She even performed in 3 prisons during her tour.

Set List

Falling, Just To Be, Perfect Moment, Reach Out, I am a Bee, Blue Skies, I'm Alive
Lily can perform 2 sets of originals, and sometimes includes covers of songs by Jewel, Alanis Morrissette, Sixpence None the Richer and Frente.