Lily Virginia

Lily Virginia

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Lily Virginia will make you feel.

Part Florence + the Machine, part Bon Iver, her delicate, powerful voice and reflective lyrics hold a strength in their raw vulnerability. Lily Virginia brings her electric energy onstage playing either solo or with her producers, Alessio Romano (Percussion) and Scott Kapelman (Bass/Keys). Incorporating soundscapes and compelling melodies around catchy hooks, she creates a world for each song and a visceral experience for her listeners.


She keeps a cow skull under her bed.

"In my defense, he's kind of like a protector,
maybe a shaman or a dreamcatcher... besides, where else can I keep him in

Once you hear Lily Virginia's music it all makes
sense. You can almost hear those bones, feathers, shells - forgotten
exoskeletons - scattered throughout her songs.

Raised in the wild hippie west of California, Lily Virginia has lived a few
different lives. From studying music in Argentina and Brazil, to a 7 year stint
as a ninja, to love, heartbreak, and magic, she's carefully folded these
experiences into her knapsack of songstories. She unpacked her bag in Brooklyn
and has called NYC home ever since.

She's has played all over NYC at venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Rock Shop, Sycamore Lounge, Union Hall, and Petes Candy Store as well as throughout the NorthEast including
Boston's renowned Club Passim. An accomplished songwriter, she completed the 2013 BMI Songwriters Workshop and has had her music placed
in film and on major network TV (ABC).

She revealed her debut EP on March 8th, 2014 with a
specialized project for each song. Her artistic collaborations  explore the
intersections of audio and visuals, the interplay between technology and
music and how to bring the extraordinary into the ordinary. Her purpose throughout her songwriting, performance, and projects, is
exploring human connection in our modern day lives.  



Written By: Lily Virginia

We take the subway like somnabulance
It’s a Dreamtrain, heading home
And you hold me close in self-defense
‘cuz you’re leaving, me alone
I never wanted to understand less
But I know
You’ll find a new true love in a week or less
And it shows


So tie me down a little more, never let me go
Yeah pull me down a little more
I wanna drown a little more
I just want you as you seem
Your love, my love, disguised
Your love, my love, disguised
Your love, my love, disguised


I’ll sing my song, outside your door
Next to your heart, into your
I’ll sing my song, next to your door
Outside your heart, into your