Lily Wilson

Lily Wilson

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Soulfully crafted songs delivered by a voice that is clear and soothing. This music draws you in and reminds you of a simple beauty.


Lily Wilson grew up on a ranch in an isolated valley near Napa, California, where her family grows wine grapes. Her nearest neighbor was three miles away, and she spent most of her time exploring the countryside, listening to music and teaching herself to sing and play. She found inspiration in the records her parents played by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, The Beatles, and Janis Joplin.

Her career in music started when Lily moved to Spain at nineteen. While there she was drawn to the Flamenco music being played in the gypsy caves above the city, and also to the Moroccan music she heard in her neighborhood in Granada. She played and sang solo and in bands, on street corners, tea shops, and bars all over Andalusia.

Her first CD, Winter Song, was recorded in Hawaii, where she spent a year writing and recording with White Termite Records, an independent label on Maui. During this time, she collaborated with Adam Seymour, guitarist for The Pretenders, and with Susie Hug, lead-singer of the Katydids, who both helped produce and played on the record.

She then moved to Los Angeles, where she wrote and recorded her second, self-titled C.D. with producer/ slack-key guitarist, Jim West (Westernmost Music.)

Lily’s recent solo travels through Chile and Argentina for three months with a backpacking guitar and lots of journals provided the inspiration for the 12 new songs (two in Spanish) which make up her third CD, “Stargazer,” recorded in L.A. with producer/ Melissa Etheridge bassist, Mark Browne.

Now based in Los Angeles, Lily performs locally and all over the country; and continues to write and record with Mark Browne. She has also been lending her voice to other artisits’ projects, and has sung with Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss, Kenny Loggins, Patty Griffin and Melissa Etheridge. Lily recently won the L.A. Music Awards "Female Vocal of the Year" in the AC category.


A Little Life

Written By: Lily Wilson/ Mark Browne

I got the message on the road
that I was needed back at home
Said little sister's on the run
And Mama's coming all undone
I get the message every day
And I don't know what you expect me to say
You've got to let me go, let me fall
Let me find my way
Let me be, let me fly
Let me make a name
Oh, and just a little life of my own

I read the paper on the train
Cross town towork and back again
And when the dishes are all done
I'm singing till the morning sun
I'm out here working to the bone
I need to to live a little life of my own


Oh just a little life, just a little life, alittle life of my own
Oh it's gonna be alright, I swear it'll be alright
I'll be alright on my own

I know you're coming from the heart
And you know I miss you when we part
But I've got something left to say
And I can't say it if I stay


Silent Night

Written By: Public Domain

Silent night, silent night
All is calm, all is bright....

One Suitcase

Written By: Lily Wilson

I can remember when the news came
We're gonna go through some wind and rain
Pack your things
Get out of this town
If you stay you are going down
But I'd never seen such a perfect day
Not a cloud, not a tree did sway
Walked in the house, the sun on my back
Looked around, and started to pack

In one suitcase
The only thing I could take
So now my life as I've known it
up to this day is in one suitcase

Pretty room
but the walls are thin
I needed a place, and she brought me in
I didn't know my whole world could fall
Packed a bag and then lost it all

Except for...

There's a sweater my grandmother made for me
And a pair of shoes I never wore
This old teddy bear I just couldn't leave
And some papers from 2004

And I guess in the end these are little things
And I'm lucky to be alive
But I will cling to these little things
They are the only proof of my time


Sweet Time

Written By: Lily Wilson, Debra Davis

Sweet Time
(Wilson, Browne, Davis)

Just a minute
Yeah, I can do everything
I’ll begin it
I’ve gotta let this day take wing
Run around, always a million things to do
‘Times I feel like I’m barely breaking through
What would happen if I stood still?

I’m letting the world go
Just watching the grass grow
I’m takin’ my own sweet time
There’s nothing I can’t do
But nothing I have to
I’m making my sweet time

I’ve been working
So hard just to keep my place
Now I’m learning
It’s this minute that I can’t waste
Run around, I go a million separate ways
Can I find a way to get out of this maze?
What would happen if I just stayed?


I remember when one day felt like a lifetime
And every moment made me believe
I couldn’t even imagine how it could fly by
It’s not getting by me so easily



Winter Song
Lily Wilson
single- "One Suitcase" released by ""
The Right Time

Set List

Original Songs (three hours of material) from "Winter Song," "Lily Wilson," "Stargazer," and "The Right Time," (including a couple of songs in Spanish) and some new and unreleased tunes...
Covers include songs by Tom Petty, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, and Sarah McLachlan